Vanguard Finishing Move: How To Perform A Finishing Move

Vanguard Finishing Move: How To Perform A Finishing Move
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Aaron Bayne


29th Nov 2021 11:32

A Vanguard finishing move is the ultimate form of domination in Call of Duty. Returning once more in Vanguard, finishing moves allow you to take out your opponents with style. They are risky and time-consuming moves, but when they are pulled off, they are oh so sweet. Want to know how to perform a finishing move in Vanguard yourself? We've got a nice and easy guide on just how to pull off a Vanguard finishing move. 

Vanguard Finishing Move: How To Perform A Finishing Move

Vanguard finishing move in action.
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When it comes to the buttons you need to press to pull off a Vanguard finishing move, it is incredibly easy. All you need to do is get behind your enemy and press the melee button, which is pushing down on the right stick on consoles and V on PC (obviously this may vary if you've changed your control layout or keybindings).

This will launch the Vanguard finishing move animation, which will vary depending on which you have unlocked and selected. You unlock more by levelling up operators, who ech come with their own custom finishing moves. A great way to see the variety of execution is in the MVP voting screen, which shows off the execution for each player nominated. That's how to perform a finishing move in Vanguard. 

Vanguard Finishing Move: Tactics

Vanguard operator holds a rifle.
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While a Vanguard finishing move bags you some style points, it can actually be a dangerous choice. Leaving the first-person perspective, you will no longer be able to see enemies come for you, and you will be locked in the animation rendering you completely vulnerable. However, if you are eager to pull off a finishing move, then you should be tactical about when you do it.

For one, Vanguard finishing moves are best done on camping players, preferably snipers, who are somewhat removed from the action and usually behind some form of cover. This is a little harder to pull off on the smaller maps of Vanguard. However, check out our best Vanguard maps to see which may suit best for finishing moves. 

You should also use slides and quick turning to get behind an enemy if they are actually facing you. This can counter the enemy when you are low on ammo, and are likely to die. No matter the situation, ammo, health or any of that, if you get behind them and press the melee button, they are a goner. 

Now you know how to perform a finishing move in Vanguard. With the first season close by, why not read our guide on Vanguard season one


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