All active Tsuki's Odyssey codes to redeem for free carrots

All active Tsuki's Odyssey codes to redeem for free carrots
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Dave McAdam

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13th Sep 2023 14:58

With a few codes for Tsuki's Odyssey, you can line your pockets with carrots and get a massive head start on rebuilding Tsuki's home. If you haven't played it, Tsuki's Odyssey is a calm and cute mobile game where you play as a rabbit who lives in a tree and must start from scratch after a racoon steals all of their possessions.

Carrots are the currency of the game, and we have codes to gift you some free carrots, so check out the codes below as well as the instructions on how to use them.

November 13 2023: We have updated our Tsuki Odyssey codes guide for this month, with all the latest game codes available at the time of writing.

All active Tsuki's Odyssey codes

Below are all of the currently available codes for Tsuki's Odyssey. There aren't many at the moment, as codes are often seasonal and expire before too long. When more codes are released, we will be back to update the list. 

Codes Rewards
3000 Carrots

How to redeem Tsuki Odyssey codes

The code menu in Tsuki's Odyssey
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To redeem codes and get the rewards, you need to follow these steps:

  • Bring up the map on your phone, then head to the Town Hall
  • Tap on the post box near the flagpole, then tap on Express Delivery
  • Enter any active code from the list above
  • Redeem the code to receive your reward

That is all you need to do to redeem Tsuki's Odyssey codes. For more, head to our mobile homepage where you can find guides and codes for games like RAID: Shadow Legends, Pokemon GO, and Genshin Impact.

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