Souls tier list (September 2023)

Souls tier list (September 2023)
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27th Sep 2023 15:09

Fans of SOULS will definitely want to check out our tier list of the characters in the game. This tier list features every character currently available at the time of writing, so you'll be able to get a good idea of how strong each hero is.

SOULS features over 50 heroes for you to try, and each one has different skills to use in the game's strategic combat. You can also explore a fantasy world and make discoveries along the way!

So be sure to read on if you're eager to find out which SOULS characters are the best in our SOULS tier list.

How we chose the rankings in our SOULS tier list

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We've placed these SOULS heroes in their rank on the tier list for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, we've divided them up based on how strong they are in combat. Damaging characters have been placed higher on the list if they're particularly powerful.

However, some characters have been placed high on the list because they offer valuable support abilities to your team. Some heroes will excel in a more supportive role, and if that support is good enough to warrant a high ranking we've placed them high on the list too.

S is the highest ranking, while C is the lowest we've included. Most heroes can be a decent choice, but some will excel over others.

Without further ado, here's our full SOULS tier list for all the heroes in the game!

SOULS heroes tier list (September 2023)

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Here's our full SOULS tier list for all heroes. We've listed over 50 heroes here, so there are plenty of characters to consider for your team!

Tier Characters
S Richelle, Aolmond, Dolucos, Taros, Nuel, Lilith, Kaion, Zagrako, Benzel, Bahzam
A Abala, Zenon, Carmen, Babu, Void, Dextor, Tania, Fleta, Ulion, Olga, Solina, Sol, Ash, Rakan, Lagou, Milia, Fiona
B Idina, Harfa, Ken, Aruru, Odelia, Naru, Amanda, Sander, Calix, Telfer, Galan
C Navia, Crut, Aron, Kate, Dudu, Marty, lulu, Bakra, Ravi, Paru, Asjek, Pico, Luke

That's it for our SOULS heroes tier list. Hopefully, this list will help you choose your heroes to use in the game, but feel free to use any character if you like them!

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