Idle Office Tycoon codes for free Diamonds in April 2024

Idle Office Tycoon codes for free Diamonds in April 2024
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Kiera Mills & Harry Boulton

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18th Apr 2024 14:21


The experienced developers, Warrior Games, who focus on casual clickers, and Idle tycoons reward players with free codes for the game almost every day via their social platforms. We collate all the codes and put them into this handy guide for you every day.

As a mobile game that puts you in charge of an office building, it's up to you to bring in all of the hottest new businesses and make a successful real estate empire. I've found that Diamonds are the most useful currency - and thankfully, that's what you get from most of the codes that are added below:

All active Idle Office Tycoon codes

Check out the latest Idle Office Tycoon codes below to get free Diamonds and more. I've physically verified all the codes below in the game today, which didn't remove any expired codes, but I did add the new one found on the Idle Office Tycoon Facebook page.

Code Reward
Android/IOS: 1TLPNY1OUDCA 50 Diamonds (NEW)
Android/IOS: QEYOID8MU5EO 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: Q1HCP9WKFIIW 50 Diamonds 
Android/IOS: FLC 250 Diamonds
Android/IOS: 5DA6OVVI7ISM 50 Diamonds 
Android/IOS: 2JD0YNIZARGO 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: G21HMRT226MD 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: DN5KLAGK03F3 50 Diamonds 
Android/IOS: D9M 250 Diamonds
Android/IOS: SO395FS01WTS 50 Diamonds 
IOS: H82WQ15SQGH7 50 Diamonds 
Android/IOS: LE0OGOWMUMY2 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: P9KEYN181Z2R 80 Diamonds 
Android/IOS: KBMCP8X3ASZ0 100 Diamonds
Android/IOS: NMA 250 Diamonds 
Android/IOS: JN3I4CIIE2IX 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: SDHEROCG7NJX 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: 27RJWEDWBTF9 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: K5S15Y3L51WK 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: M7P 250 Diamonds
Android/IOS: LJ6BQTMCFNR6 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: G24OKDV0LTUS 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: NBJ611FAZ6ZW 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: OOIX04LN5ORE 50 Diamonds 
Android/IOS: UL06LQ57YTXX 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: 8XE 250 Diamonds
Android/IOS: W7YU4HI0U2YC 50 Diamonds 
Android/IOS: P6599FO9QHOH 50 Diamonds
Android/IOS: L0CTBMO732OM 50 Diamonds

How to redeem Idle Office Tycoon codes

Image showing you how to redeem Idle Office Tycoon codes
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Follow our step-by-step walkthrough below to learn how to redeem Idle Office Tycoon codes, letting you get free Diamonds and more:

  • Launch Idle Office Tycoon and complete the tutorial
  • Click on the settings gear icon in the top right and click on the 'Gift Code' option
  • Enter your code and press 'Exchange' to get the latest free rewards

And with that, you'll have all you need to get your free rewards and start progressing in Idle Office Tycoon - good luck out there!

Check out our codes homepage for more rewards in your other favourite games, including all of the latest free Bloodpoints you can get with these Dead by Daylight codes.

Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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