The Quarry Abigail: How To Save

The Quarry Abigail: How To Save
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The Quarry Abigail is one of the nine camp counsellors you play as throughout the game. The Quarry puts the fate of each of these characters in your hands, and it is up to you to see them through the night. Abi is one of the first of the group to find herself in trouble and faces plenty more danger along the way. Here is what you need to know to save Abigail in The Quarry.

The Quarry Abigail: General Tips

The Quarry Abigail: General Tips
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Before we start, there will obviously be spoilers for the game in this guide, so be aware of that. Also, this guide will inform you on the best decisions to make the keep Abigail alive, but pulling it off is up to you. There will be skill checks you will need to succeed at, and failures can lead to deviation and ultimately death. 

For Abigail, you definitely need to succeed in QTEs and skill checks to keep her healthy. Also, do your best to keep Abigail and Nick’s relationship positive. There will be some serious strain on it later and it helps to keep them close early on. There are a lot of factors at play in The Quarry, but the following are the steps you should take specifically to keep Abigail alive.

The Quarry Abigail: You Shouldn't Wander Off

The Quarry Abigail: first danger
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Unfortunately for Abigail, she is the first of the group to face a dangerous situation. Specifically, after she leaves the fire pit because of the truth or dare game. Abi wanders off into the woods alone, until Nick comes to find her. Unfortunately for them, there are more than just the two of them in the woods.

The first thing you should do is bring Abi and Nick together, you will want to nurture that relationship. Don’t hide from Nick, and have Abi speak openly with him. This is important for later. Their discussion will be interrupted by a werewolf, and this is where you need to bring your A-game. While making your escape back to the fire pit, make sure to succeed as much as possible in QTEs. Failure here can mean Abi gets bitten, and that is the last thing we need.

Finally, have Abi try to help Nick after he is attacked, unfortunately, she won't be able to do much but again, we want to keep Abi on Nick’s good side.


The Quarry Abigail: Boy Problems

The Quarry Abigail: second danger
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The second time you need to worry for Abi’s safety is in the pool cabin. This will be just after Abi pushes Nick into the pool, which he won’t like because (spoilers) he’s turning into a werewolf. Nick is pretty far gone at this point and has been saying and doing some weird and unpleasant things due to his transformation. This all comes to a head in the pool cabin when the infection finally takes hold and Nick transforms into a werewolf.

Nick will pick up Abigail and throw her across the room just before he transforms. When he does, Abi can pick up the shotgun on the floor. When you get the opportunity, shoot at Nick. As a werewolf, this will do very little to him, but it will scare him off. Nick will leap up through the ceiling and leave the area.


The Quarry Abigail: Keep That Door Locked

The Quarry Abigail: third danger
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This situation requires a bit of setup. First of all, When Dylan and Ryan check out Chris Hackett’s office earlier in the game, Dylan will have a choice of whether or not to climb down the ladder into the storm basement. Dylan absolutely should not do that, as doing so will damage the ladder. The second thing you need to do is keep Emma alive. We will have tips for that in our The Quarry Emma guide on how to keep her safe.

At this point in the game, provided everyone is still alive, Emma and Abi will be waiting in the basement while Dylan and Kaitlyn head off to check the scrapyard. When they come back, an encounter will begin with another werewolf.

Emma and Abi will be able to use the ladder to climb up to Chris’ office, which is locked. This will keep them safe during the encounter. Here they can find his camera room, where they will be able to see what is happening outside. They will also find shotgun shells laced with silver, which they can give to Kaitlyn.

You are better off not giving the shells to Kaitlyn, provided you picked up the stuffed animal in the cabin as Abi at the start of the game. Kaitlyn can use that to lure the werewolf into the freezer, so there is no need to involve Abi and Emma and put them in danger.

If you can manage all of that, then you should have no problem keeping The Quarry Abigail alive and well. For more on the game, check out our in-depth The Quarry review.


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