The Quarry Laura: How To Save

The Quarry Laura: How To Save
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15th Jun 2022 12:24

If you want to know how to save Laura in The Quarry, we have the details you need. The Quarry is the story of nine teenagers living through hell, and few get it worse than Laura does. Laura is the character you play as in the introduction, who through one poor decision, ends up involved in a horrific situation. Here is what you need to know on how to save Laura in The Quarry.

How To Save The Quarry Laura: General Tips

The Quarry Laura: general tips
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I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but there will be massive spoilers in this guide. It is highly recommended that you play through the game yourself first, before following our guides on a subsequent playthrough to get the result you want.

You should also be aware that this guide will help you with the specific moments where Laura could die, and the choices you should make to avoid that. There are so many decisions in the game that lead to many different possible outcomes, so variations are bound to happen. That said, the broad strokes of the story will remain the same, and so long as you are successful for the most part in completing QTEs and keeping characters alive, following these steps should get Laura to the end alive and safe.

How To Save The Quarry Laura: Preparation For Later

The Quarry Laura: preparation
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If you have read this far, then it is safe to assume you know that Laura and Max survive the events of the prologue. The next time you play as Laura will be when Max and she are in jail. Throughout this section, you will decide how she interacts with Travis, the cop who abducted both her and Max. As counter to logic as it might sound, your best bet is to try and stay on Travis’ good side.

During Laura and Max’s time in jail, they will have to deal with Travis a lot. While Travis is obviously not a good person, he has his reasons, and understanding those reasons is the key to Laura’s later survival. Go along with his questions, and definitely do not try to escape multiple times.


Remember, this is a flashback, no matter what you do Laura and Max will escape eventually. Most of the early opportunities are a waste of time, so bide your time. While you are doing that, take the opportunity to use the spoon on the window sill to dislodge the loose brick, you will need that hiding space soon.

Later, while Max is having what we will charitably call a rough night, Laura will get the chance to explore the police station. While doing so, make sure to search Travis’ stuff and grab one of the syringes. Hide it behind the brick, and continue to wait. Your chance will come later, on the next full moon, the night that the rest of the game takes place. Laura will pretend to be sick, and can inject Travis with the syringe when he comes to check on her. Now they can leave, taking Travis’ hunting gear.

How To Save The Quarry Laura: Danger At The Homestead

The Quarry Laura: danger at the homestead
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After her encounter with the counsellors, Laura will head to the Hackett house with Ryan. This is where things start to get dangerous for her. The Hacketts are a dangerous group, and considering one of the first things Laura will do when she gets there is kill Constance Hackett, the gloves are very much coming off.

A lot of this section of the game is about running, hiding, and succeeding skill checks. A missed skill check could spell disaster for Laura here, so you need to bring your A-game. In terms of decisions, you just need to keep moving and hiding. When you enter the bathroom, hide in the bath to avoid Jedediah when he comes in after you.

This whole section will culminate in a showdown between Laura, Travis, Ryan, Bobby and the werewolf form of Chris Hackett. You will be in control of Ryan here, and you need to shoot Chris as he comes for you. This will turn Laura, who has just turned into a werewolf, back into a human, and also cure Ryan of the affliction.

This is the crucial moment, because if Laura had a poor relationship with Travis, tried to steal his gun, and most importantly shot him, he will grab a piece of glass and stab her to death, before picking up the shotgun and murdering Ryan.

Instead, because you tried to understand Travis and drugged him rather than shot him, he will not turn violent. Instead, he will ask Laura and Ryan to help him hunt the original werewolf, the White Wolf, and end the curse altogether. Pretty reasonable, considering you just murdered half his family.

At this point, Laura, Ryan and Travis can go chase down the White Wolf and end the curse, allowing the remaining living people to live in peace. That is how to save Laura in The Quarry, for more on the game why not check out how to save Kaitlyn in The Quarry.

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