THE FINALS is giving away free 'Skill Issue' gear through Discord - here's how to get it

THE FINALS is giving away free 'Skill Issue' gear through Discord - here's how to get it
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Dave McAdam


3rd Apr 2024 15:35

THE FINALS has a "Skill Issue" set of cosmetic items that you can get through Discord. With a litany of customisation options for your characters, THE FINALS has all kinds of clothing and accessory options for you to unlock or purchase.

The Skill Issue set of items is a pretty sweet bundle, especially considering you only need to complete a simple task using Discord to get them in the game.

How to get the Skill Issue set

You need to play THE FINALS for 15 minutes while streaming the game in a Discord call. Start by launching the game and Discord, you should get a notification on Discord in the bottom left about the Skill Issue Quest. Hit Accept, then we can get started.

Completing the Skill Issue quest on Discord
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First, start a call with someone who has agreed to help you out. Once you're connected, click the Share Screen button. If you have THE FINALS running, you'll see it as an option to share. Discord will tell you that you must choose the game and not the screen for it to count. Once you start, a progress meter appears in the bottom left of Discord, so you can see it working.

Now, all you need to do is play for 15 minutes. What you play is up to you - you could spend the time sitting on the main menu if you like. Once the time is done, click Claim Reward to complete the quest. You will be given a code to redeem, and a link to the Embark Portal. Sign into your account on the site if you haven't already, then redeem the code to get your rewards.

The website where you can redeem codes for THE FINALS
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If you still have THE FINALS running, you'll need to restart the game to receive the rewards.

So in short, the steps are:

  • Launch THE FINALS and Discord
  • Start the quest on Discord
  • Stream the game in a call for 15 minutes
  • Claim your reward, then redeem the code

What is in the Skill Issue set?

The items in the Skill Issue set in THE FINALS
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The items in the Skill Issue set are:

  • Skill Issue Headwear
  • Skill Issue Tanktop
  • Skill Issue Slacks
  • Skill Issue Sneakers
  • Skill Issue Blackout tattoo
  • Attention Grabbers sticker

A full outfit for 15 minutes' effort is a good deal, and they look pretty good to boot.

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That is it for our Skill Issue quest guide. For more, head to our THE FINALS homepage where we have guides on the best crosshair settings, maps, how to play private matches, career circuit, and everything you need to know about Season 2.

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