THE FINALS maps list & all variants, from Monaco to Seoul

THE FINALS maps list & all variants, from Monaco to Seoul
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Tarran Stockton


8th Dec 2023 11:43

THE FINALS is finally out for the whole world to play, with it shadow dropping during The Game Awards 2023, meaning we now know all the maps and variants available in the game. 

THE FINALS is a multiplayer first-person shooter heavily inspired by the Battlefield franchise, meaning you can expect expansive levels with lots of high-level destruction to go along with it. The twist is that it's set within a deadly game show, allowing you to compete with your team to become the winners of the titular finals. 

It's worth taking the time to learn more about what you can expect in THE FINALS when it comes to maps and variants that switch them up slightly.

THE FINALS maps list

The Finals Seoul Map
THE FINALS crossplay
The Finals Stadium Map
The Finals Las Vegas Map
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There are currently four maps in THE FINALS release version, with three carrying over from the beta, and a brand-new addition for the launch. The four maps are:

  • Las Vegas
  • Monaco
  • Seoul
  • Skyway Stadium

Some of the maps also have different versions where the weather is altered, such as Seoul, which has the Fog and Nighttime editions. 

All variants in THE FINALS

In addition to the four maps, THE FINALS also features seven map variants that are randomly chosen when loading into a map. 

These variants provide different modifiers to the maps, changing up parts of the environment or adding new mechanics you can take advantage of for traversal or combat. I found that some of these force you to stay on your toes when playing, making it harder to get comfortable.

The current list of variants is covered in the table below:

Variant Modifier
Standard Issue A standard arena, ready for destruction
Under Construction Part of the arena is currently under construction
Moving Platforms Vaults of cashout stations could be found platforms moving around the arena
Suspended Structures Cashout stations are suspended high above the arena
Duck and Cover Our duck mascot has decided to crash the party and crush the arena
Up Down Left Right Cashout stations could be suspended or on the move
High Rise The middle part of the arena is elevated

That's all you need to know when it comes to the maps and potential variants in THE FINALS. As more are likely to be added over time, we'll keep this guide updated with any changes. 

Check out our THE FINALS homepage for more guides. Otherwise, here are the best Light, Medium, and Heavy builds or how to disable mouse acceleration.

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