THE FINALS weapon tier list & best guns for Light, Medium & Heavy (Season 2)

THE FINALS weapon tier list & best guns for Light, Medium & Heavy (Season 2)
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THE FINALS has a huge array of weapons to pick from, but not all of them are created equally. With Season 2 of the game bringing a new weapon into the mix, there's much to think about when creating your perfect loadout. After all, those wins won't come easily if you're ill-equipped for the match!

Below, I've listed out my ideal tier list of all the weapons available in THE FINALS right now. Whether you're a Light, Medium, or Heavy player, you'll find a weapon that's best suited to your playstyle.

THE FINALS weapon tier list overview

Tier Weapons
S-tier V9S, FAMAS, M60
A-tier AKM, SR-84, FCAR, Flamethrower, XP-54, CL-40, SA1216
B-tier M11, R.357, Sledgehammer, Sword, Model 1887, Lewis Gun
C-tier LH1, SH1900, Dagger, Riot Shield, M32GL

Above is a broad overview of how I'd rank each of THE FINALS weapons in a tier list as of Season 2. Below, I've dived deeper into the different tiers and explained my reasoning for why weapons like the V9S and the FAMAS are far better than their other class counterparts.

All S-Tier weapons explained

S Tier weapons in THE FINALS - the FAMAS, M60 and V9S
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Light build: V9S

The V9S is probably the best all-around weapon in THE FINALS. Don't let its appearance deceive you because this silenced sidearm packs a punch and can deal devastating damage at close and medium range, but it's capable in long-range engagements, too.

The standout trait of the V9S is its ammo capacity. This tiny pistol holds 24 bullets in its magazine! For how quickly you can shred enemies with the V9S, you rarely have to reload it.

If you're rocking the Light class, you should probably be using the V9S.

Medium build: FAMAS

The FAMAS is the latest weapon to be added to THE FINALS with Season 2, and cor, does it pack-a-punch. With a semi-automatic firing mode, this assault rifle fires out just a few bullets in quick bursts, so you'll need to be accurate with it.

That said, if you do have the accuracy to make the most of this weapon with the Medium class, you can absolutely melt your enemies. From just a few short matches, I was efficiently melting enemy Light players in a matter of seconds, with Heavy's taking not much more time than that.

The trick to getting the most out of the FAMAS is to learn your bullet timings. If you can start a new burst-fire the instant the last burst has finished, you can essentially use this gun as an automatic assault rifle with the fire rate of an SMG. That's some weapon!

Heavy build: M60

For the most part, the Heavy Build is restricted to short-range and melee weapons. The M60 LMG is one of the few weapons available to the Heavy Build that can compete with heavyweights like the V9S and AKM outside of point-blank range.

The M60 gives Heavy Build users a fighting chance in long-range engagements without sacrificing firepower when the battle moves indoors.

A-Tier guns in THE FINALS

The Flame Thrower in THE FINALS, an A-Tier weapon
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The A-Tier consists of top-tier weapons that could all make a case for a spot in the S-Tier. A sharpshooter with the SR-84 Sniper Rifle is a force to be reckoned with, and you don't want to mess with a Heavy Build equipped with a Flamethrower or the SA1216.

However, unlike the weapons in S-Tier, the weapons in A-Tier all have drawbacks. Bring the fight indoors, and the SR-84 is useless. Conversely, the Flamethrower can't do much damage from far away.

Other weapons are on the list because their counterparts in the S-Tier do everything they do but better. For example, the FCAR performs similarly to the FAMAS, except it has far fewer bullets in its magazine. And while the XP-54 is great, it's hard to argue for using it over the V9S.

I previously placed the AKM in the S-tier, but it was pipped to the post in Season 2 by the FAMAS. If you're struggling to get the most out of the FAMAS, the AKM is the best backup option.

B-Tier gun list explained

The Sledgehammer in THE FINALS, a B-Tier weapon
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The weapons in B-Tier are all relatively niche. Generally, there are better options out there.

Sure, you could pop off a game or two with the M11 or the Lewis Gun, but there's no need to ever use these weapons when the XP-54 and the M60 exist. Others like the R.357, the Sledgehammer, and the Model 1887 have their place, but instances where they excel are few and far between.

I won't deny that you can craft competent builds featuring these weapons, but if you substitute an S-Tier or A-Tier weapon into the build, it probably fulfils the same role just as well, if not better.

C-Tier weapons explained

A C tier weapon in THE FINALS
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Feel free to mess around with and try out these lowly-ranked weapons. Maybe you'll prove me wrong, but as far as I can tell, the LH1, SH1900, Dagger, Riot Shield, and M32GL simply aren't viable for any sort of competitive play.

All weapons in THE FINALS

It's all well and good seeing the weapons laid out in the tier list above, but it sometimes pays to see the weapon list laid out in the order of each class:

Light build weapons

  • V9S
  • XP-54
  • M11
  • LH1
  • SR-84
  • SH1900
  • Dagger
  • Sword

Medium build weapons

  • AKM
  • FCAR
  • R.357
  • Model 1887
  • CL-40
  • Riot Shield

Heavy build weapons

  • M60
  • Lewis Gun
  • M32GL
  • Flamethrower
  • SA1216
  • Sledgehammer

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