The Devil In Me Voice Actors And Cast

The Devil In Me Voice Actors And Cast
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30th Nov 2022 17:30

Like the other Dark Pictures Anthology games, The Devil In Me uses motion capture to deliver high-quality results and merge the genre of game and film. So, if you can't place a face or name in The Devil in Me and it's causing frustration, we're here to help. Below is a full list of the full voice actors and cast.

The Devil In Me Voice Actors And Cast

The Devil In Me: Cast Members
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The following are all the cast members of The Devil In Me and where you may recognise them from:



Otherwise Known In These Roles:

Kate Wilder

Jessie Buckley

  • Chernobyl – Lyudmilla Ignatenko
  • Women Talking – Mariche
  • Men – Harper
  • The Lost Daughter – Young Leda
  • Romeo & Juliet (2021) - Juliet

Charlie Lonnit

Paul Kaye

  • Game Of Thrones – Thoros of Myr
  • The Stranger – Patrick Katz
  • Ripper Street – Gabriel Cane
  • Dracula Untold – Brother Lucian
  • Afterlife - Psychiatrist
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell – Vinculus
  • Doctor Who - Prentis

Jamie Tiergan

Gloria Obianyo

  • Good Omens – Uriel
  • High Life – Elektra
  • Outlander – Mercy Woodcock
  • Dune – Female Fremen

Mark Nestor

Fehinti Balogun

  • The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself – Bjorn
  • Walden – Bryan
  • Dune – Male Fremen

Erin Keenan

Nikki Patel

  • Coronation Street – Amber Kalirai
  • Call The Midwife – Mrs. Singh

H.H. Holmes

John Dagleish

  • The Third Day – Larry
  • The Gentlemen – Hammy
  • Judy – Lonnie Donegan

The Curator

Pip Torrens

  • Poldark – Cary Warleggan
  • Versailles – Cassel
  • Star Wars The Force Awakens – Colonel Kaplan
  • The Danish Girl – Dr Hexler


Edward Bluemel

  • Persuasion (2022) – Captain Harville
  • Ten Percent – Luke Nightingale
  • A Discovery Of Witches – Marcus Whitmore


Kitty Archer

  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – Eunie
  • The Amazing Mr Blunden – Bella
  • Three Sisters - Lydia

Joseph Morello

Abdul Salis

  • The Wheel of Time – Eeamon Valda
  • Outnumbered – Tony
  • Casualty – Curtis Cooper
  • Doctor Who – Kel
  • Love Actually - Tony
  • For more Devil In Me help, check out our Press The Button guide to all red buttons in the game and whether you should press them or not.

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