How to find all the World Tour characters in Street Fighter 6

How to find all the World Tour characters in Street Fighter 6
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6th Jun 2023 10:53

If you’re having a hard time finding Street Fighter 6 World Tour characters in the game, then you’re in luck. Street Fighter 6 is the latest installment in the iconic fighting game series from Capcom. 

The game features a new mode called World Tour, where you can create your own fighter and travel around the world to meet and train with legendary characters from the Street Fighter universe. To help you locate all the Street Fighter characters in this mode, this article gives you a brief overview of their locations.

Where can you find all the World Tour characters in Street Fighter 6?

There are 18 masters that you can unlock in Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode, each with its own location and chapter.

Here is a list of them and how to find them:

  • Luke: Gym (Metro City) - Chapter 1-1
  • Chun-Li: Chinatown (Metro City) - Chapter 2-1
  • Marisa: Italy - Chapter 3-3
  • Blanka: Brazil - Chapter 6-1
  • Dee Jay: Jamaica - Chapter 6-1
  • Jamie: Chinatown, Metro City - Chapter 8-1
  • Ken: Metro City - Chapter 8-3
  • E.Honda: Metro City - Chapter 8-4
  • Ryu: Genbu Temple, Japan - Chapter 8-5
  • Guile: Carrier Brion Taylor - Chapter 9-1
  • Manon: France - Chapter 11-2
  • Juri: Nayshall - Complete A Hardboiled Adventure
  • Kimberly: Metro City - Chapter 8-6
  • Zangief: Barmaley Steelworks - Chapter 11-1
  • Lily: Thunderfoot Settlement, Mexico - Chapter 6-1
  • Dhalsim: Dhalsimer Temple - Beat Anike in Bayside Park
  • Cammy: King’s Street, London - Complete the side-quest Special Unit Del in Metro City
  • JP: Nayshall - Chapter 15-4

The above-listed Street Fighter 6 characters are known as masters, and they can teach you their fighting style and moves that you can use to customize your fighter.

To unlock a master, you need to complete the main story quest that leads you to their location. Once you meet them, they will give you a challenge or a task that you need to complete to earn their respect and trust. After that, they will join your roster of masters, and you can visit them anytime to learn from them or spar with them.

That's everything you need to know about finding Street Fighter 6 World Tour 6 characters. For more content, check out how to play Kimberly in Street Fighter 6.

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