Is Street Fighter 6 on Xbox Game Pass?

Is Street Fighter 6 on Xbox Game Pass?
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12th May 2023 15:43

Street Fighter 6 on Xbox Xbox Game Pass would be a risky, yet valuable move for Capcom. You'd have more players to go up against online, and there is going to be positive word of mouth. Is Street Fighter 6 on Xbox Game Pass possible, however? Here's what we know.

Can you play Street Fighter 6 on Xbox Game Pass?

Two characters from Street Fighter 6
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Many Capcom games have been offered up on Xbox Xbox Game Pass, including Monster Hunter Rise and the upcoming ExoprimalWith these major games in Capcom's lineup, you'd think Street Fighter 6 on Xbox Game Pass would be a certainty.

However, Street Fighter 6 will not be on Xbox Xbox Game Pass, at least from day one of its release. As of the time of writing, there are currently no plans to bring this fighter to Xbox's subscription service.  

Additionally, it can be said that Street Fighter 6 would more likely head to PlayStation Plus Premium first before Xbox Xbox Game Pass. It has been marketed heavily alongside Sony's PS5, despite Street Fighter 6 coming to Xbox and PC as well. 

Are there games like Street Fighter 6 on the service?

Killer Instinct is a decent alternative to Street Fighter 6, and it's on Xbox Game Pass
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There are a few fighting games on Xbox Xbox Game Pass, but to be completely honest, the library's lacking. Fighting games aren't even a genre category on Microsoft's official Xbox Game Pass website

Nevertheless, there are some you can check out with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is a riveting crossover 3v3 fighting game with characters from RWBY, Persona, and Under Night in it.

Another option is Killer Instinct: Definitive EditionIt comes with all of the characters ever released for the game, including the Arbiter from HaloT.J. Combo, and Battletoads' Rash among many engaging original heroes and villains. Killer Instinct offers a fast-paced 2D fighting affair with a heavy emphasis on combos. The visuals are also quite striking, despite it coming from the Xbox One era. 

Hopefully, Street Fighter 6 will take the leap to Xbox Xbox Game Pass someday.

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