Stardew Valley Alex: Gifts, Schedule, And Heart Events

Stardew Valley Alex: Gifts, Schedule, And Heart Events
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If you're looking for the best Stardew Valley Alex gifts, want to learn his schedule, or spoil his heart events ahead of time, then you've come to the right place. Stardew Valley is all about befriending (and eventually romancing) other characters in the peaceful town, so if you've got Alex in your sights, you need to know everything we've got here. Did you know his favourite item is either the Salmon Dinner or Complete Breakfast? If not, keep on reading for all the best Stardew Valley Alex gifts, complete schedule, and heart events.


Best Stardew Valley Alex Gifts


  • All universal loves
  • Complete Breakfast
  • Salmon Dinner


  • All universal likes
  • All Eggs (except Void Egg)


  • All universal dislikes
  • Salmonberry
  • Wild Horseradish


  • All universal hates
  • Holly
  • Quartz

Stardew Valley Alex: How To Foster A Relationship

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The ingredients for the Complete Breakfast are Fried Egg, Milk, Hashbrowns and Pancakes. The recipes for Hash Browns and Pancakes can be obtained from Gus at the Stardrop Saloon at any time as they are part of his permanent stock list, and the recipe for the Complete Breakfast is given to the player during an episode of The Queen of Sauce on 21 Spring, Year 2.

An alternative is to acquire the Salmon Dinner. The recipe of which is given to the player by Gus through the mail after earning 3+ hearts with him. For the Salmon Dinner you’ll need Salmon (unsurprisingly), Amaranth, and Kale. The first tip is to grow Kale as soon as you can as its only available in Spring. The other ingredients can be located in Fall.

This grants the time needed to raise money for the kitchen addition, costing 10,000g and 450 wood. There is also a daily chance that one of the dishes will appear in Gus’s rotatory stock in the Stardrop Saloon. They may also appear in Krobus’s shop on Saturdays.

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Remember to check the calendar for birthdays (Alex’s birthday is Summer 13), giving a townsperson their favourite gift on their birthday provides a x8 bonus to friendship. Also, regularly check the bulletin board near Pierre’s shop, as completing a task for someone also raises the relationship.

Failing all else, a Rabbit’s Foot is a universal love (except with Penny.) There is a chance for the Rabbit’s Foot to appear in the Travelling Cart’s inventory (on Fridays and Sundays), or for it to drop from serpents in the Skull Cavern. Alternatively, you can raise your own rabbits, purchased from Marnie for 8,000g. A happy rabbit has a daily chance to drop a Rabbit’s Foot for the farmer. Now you’re ready to build a relationship with almost any character.

Stardew Valley Alex Schedule

  • Spring – He leaves his house at 8am and stands near it all day, unless it’s raining outside.
  • Summer – Located on the beach in the morning (8am – 12pm) before attending the ice cream cart next to the Museum until 5pm, when he travels home.
  • Fall – Spends the morning inside, lifting weights then leaves the house at 4pm to stand by the dog pen. Enters his house at 6:30pm.
  • Winter – Most days he can be located in the Spa.

Stardew Valley Alex Heart Events

Two Hearts

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You meet Alex on the beach for a game of catch. He expresses his dream of becoming a Professional Gridball Player.

Four Hearts

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The Player catches Alex having a vulnerable moment discussing his past with his dog Dusty, by the doghouse. He asks if you heard him talking. He is sad but opens up about why he lives with his grandparents. It transpires that his father had a drinking problem and took it out on Alex and his mum. He left them both and soon after Alex’s mum passed away.

Five Hearts

The player visits Alex’s house and sees him in his bedroom looking over a bookcase. Alex expresses how he wishes he was more of a reader and that you can’t go far in the world if you’re not clever. He doubts himself and the player has the choice to either reassure him or agree with him.

Six Hearts

Visit Alex’s house and catch him working out in his bedroom. He apologises for being rude to the player when they first met and faces doubt about his dream to be a pro-player.

Eight Hearts

You see Alex on the beach crying to himself. It’s the 12th anniversary of his mother’s death. He shares with the player that the only thing he has of hers is her secret music box. A melodic tune plays and picture of his mother with him floats on the screen.

Ten Hearts

The player is at a dinner table with Alex at the Stardrop Saloon whilst Gus plays the violin for them. They are served food and Alex confesses his feelings for the player. The player has the choice to either reciprocate the feelings or turn Alex down and remain as friends.

Now you know all about how to befriend Alex in Stardew Valley, keep your eyes on GGRecon for more Stardew guides coming soon.


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