Spider-Man Remastered Suit Powers: Best Suit Powers In The Game

Spider-Man Remastered Suit Powers: Best Suit Powers In The Game
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11th Aug 2022 16:56

Spider-Man Remastered suit powers can completely change your power and playstyle. Spider-Man Remastered smartly paired gaining powerful abilities with the most important part of any superhero game, collecting costumes. Suit powers are extremely powerful, they have a wide range of applications, and need to be charged up for use. Here are some of the best choices for Spider-Man Remastered suit powers.

Spider-Man Remastered Suit Powers: How To Get

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Suit powers, as the name suggests, are tied to the various suits you can unlock in the game. Most of the suits you can acquire have an ability associated with them, but those abilities are not locked to the suit. For example, the Noir suit has a suitably stealthy ability called Sound of Silence, which prevents alerted enemies from calling for backup. However, once you unlock the Noir suit, the ability can be equipped regardless of what you are wearing.

To gain more suit powers, your best bet is to unlock more Spider suits. You can go to the Suit section of the pause menu to view all the suits, and check for the ones you have not yet gotten. If you select a locked suit, you will be able to see on the right side of the screen what the parameters for unlocking the suit are, as well as which suit ability comes with it. Use this to focus in on the suits and powers you want to use.

Spider-Man Remastered Suit Powers: Defense and Stealth

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While all of the Spider-Man Remastered suit powers focus on dealing with enemies, not all of them are solely about dishing out more damage. There are a few defensive options here, as well as some ways to improve your stealth. For example, the Spider Armour Mk. II allows you to be temporarily bulletproof, and the Mk. IV armour gives you a shield that can absorb all damage. A bit more fun is the Spider Armour Mk. III's ability, which instead of just stopping bullets, reflects them back at your enemies.


If you would rather improve your stealthy approaches on unsuspecting enemies, there are some suit powers that can make you even more effective at that. As mentioned, the Noir suit makes it so enemies cannot call for backup. The Stealth Suit gives you the Blur Projector, which creates an area in which non-alerted enemies cannot see you.

Less of a stealth power and more of a just-for-fun one, but one suit power that goes well with playing stealthily is the Equalise, which comes with the Undies suit. This power makes it so that both Spider-Man and his enemies go down in a single hit. This power works all the better on unsuspecting goons, you hardly have to worry about getting hit when they don't see you coming.

Spider-Man Remastered Suit Powers: Offensive Powers

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This is where the suit powers really shine. There are so many options in how to improve or just change up the way you fight as Spider-Man. Some of these powers are a bit strange but still offer interesting new ways to play, such as the Spirit Spider's Spirit Fire, which ignites a blue flame around Spider-Man, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. Then of course there is Spider-Punk, whose Rock Out ability uses a guitar to send shockwaves out around him.

Some powers are great for crowd control, like the Iron Spider's Iron Arms, or the Electric Punch from the Insulated Suit. Others are great for maximising your damage on a single target, like the Last Stand suit's Unrelenting Fury, or the always useful Quad Damage from the Fear Itself suit.

However, there is one suit power that, in most situations, stands head and shoulders above the rest. Oddly enough, it doesn't come from purchasing or crafting any of the fancier suits, but simply crafting the Classic Suit (Repaired) after the Something Old, Something New mission. Crafting the suit gives you the Web Blossom suit power.

This power has Spider-Man leap into the air and fire webs in all directions. This will knock back enemies in the area and web many of them to the ground. It is not uncommon to walk into a large group of enemies, activate Web Blossom, and instantly win the fight. This thing can drastically shorten the time of fights, and is useful in almost any situation as you are often fighting large groups of enemies.

That is it for the Spider-Man Remastered Suit Powers. For more on the game, check out our Spider-Man Remastered Black Cat Stakeouts guide.

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