What To Do in Tieng Valley In Season

What To Do in Tieng Valley In Season
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31st Jan 2023 13:11

You might be wondering when playing Season what to do in Tieng Valley, as you have the freedom to ride wherever you please in this area. While Season largely follows a linear path, this particular area gives you the power to choose what you want to uncover and preserve. So, don't miss the rest of this guide if you're wondering what to do in Tieng Valley in Season.

What To Do in Tieng Valley in Season

What To Do in Tieng Valley in Season
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After you've travelled the path for a few hours in Season you should get to Tieng Valley, which is a large open area with a river running through the middle. There are quite a few distinct destinations within the Valley, but the game doesn't give you a huge amount of obvious direction, leaving it up to you to decide what to tackle first.

So, here are the main areas and things that you can do in the Season Tieng Valley area:

Assembly Point

The first place that you will want to visit when you're exploring Tieng Valley is the Assembly Point - which is conveniently the first spot that you're likely to come across anyway. Following the main path until it splits off to the left will lead you there, and it will give you the basic information needed to get you started in the area.

While most of the other areas can be done in whatever order you want really, it is best that you head to the Assembly Point first, as it will expand on the information given to you by the Grey Hand at the entrance.

Dig Site

The Dig Site in Tieng Valley is the next logical step from both a directional point of view and also from a narrative one too. At the Dig Site you will start to uncover more about the changing seasons and the mystery that shrouds the Tieng Valley.

It can be found on the north side of the river, right in the north west of the map. While you're there it is also worth stopping by the purple field, as that is a very intriguing location too.


You should definitely head to the farm next, as it is conveniently adjacent to the Dig Site, just north of the western bridge. The key draw of the farm is meeting Sophon and Kochi - two of the last residents of Tieng Valley who are preparing to move in the midst of the season change.

Visiting them is also a vital part of unlocking the shrine, which is something you will definitely want to do to progress further in the game.

Artist House

While there is still plenty to see in between the Farm and the Artist House, you don't necessarily need to see any of it so you can just head straight here if you're not sure where to go next.

Much like the Farm, you can find another of Tieng Valley's residents - Matyora - inside of the Artist House, and she gives you plenty to do. The house in question can be found in the south east of the Valley, just across from the wooden bridge on the eastern side.

Petrol Station

Just before you head up to the shrine, it is definitely worth having a look around the Petrol Station. In a similar vein to the Dig Site, the Petrol Station will give you more information about previous seasons and the strange sleep disease that has plagued the land.

It is not a large area, but make sure to find everything inside that you can interact with, and fill up your scrapbook in order to piece together the puzzle of the past.

Shrine Entrance

The final key location in the Tieng Valley is the Shrine Entrance. While you might be thinking that the Shine itself would be included, it is technically a separate area so we have disqualified it from this guide.

The Shrine Entrance itself has plenty of things to see though, with the main feature being the three God stones found within the temple-like structure. Interacting with these will allow you to use the prayer bowls scattered around the Valley, so it is vital that you come here if you want to complete your scrapbook.

What To Do in Tieng Valley in Season Index
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Additionally, if you're ever stuck at any point, or want to see what you've yet to complete in your scrapbook, remember to have a look at the index of your book to see a full checklist of things to do.

Furthermore, after you've spoken to Sophon, Koichi will be available to give you a nice guided bike tour of the Valley if you want to have someone else lead the way instead.

When Do You Leave Tieng Valley in Season?

When Do You Leave Tieng Valley in Season?
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As an open but still relatively contained area, you might be wondering how to actually leave Tieng Valley in Season. There is of course plenty to do once you're inside, but the only route out present for most of the period is back the way you game, and that is rather antithetical to your purpose.

You might have guessed it already, but your way out of the Valley is by visiting the monk in the Shrine. You will need to wait until nightfall in order to get into the Shrine, but once you do that the story will progress naturally.

So, that wraps up this guide, giving you a full list if you were wondering what to do in Tieng Valley in Season. Make sure to stay tuned to GGRecon for more Season content.

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