How To Enter the Shrine in Season

How To Enter the Shrine in Season
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31st Jan 2023 13:08

Figuring out how to enter the Shrine in Season can be quite a complicated task, as it seems entirely out of your control for a specific period of the game.

While you can openly explore the Tieng Valley in Season, your progression is largely blocked until you are able to find your way through the Shrine doors. So, if you're wondering how to enter the Shrine in Season, make sure to check out the rest of this guide below for all of the details.

How To Enter the Shrine in Season

How To Enter the Shrine in Season
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When heading up to the Shrine in Tieng Valley, you will quickly be met with a large door that prevents you from entering. There is a sign that states that the door will open at night and sunrise, but there are no mechanics which progress time, leaving you to wonder what you're supposed to do.

However, there is a set way to progress the time of day in-game, but it is not immediately obvious and can only be done through a select few actions.

In order to progress the time of day to night and enter through the Shrine doors, you must first speak to the two other remaining residents of Tieng Valley. These are Matyora the artist, and Sophon the farmer - alongside her son Kochi of course.

It is not just a case of speaking to them either: you must complete their own mini-stories, helping them rediscover their past and find a new purpose. For Matyora this involves a reimagining of her past artwork, and for Sophon you must help her decide which items to pack on the eve of her move.

Matyora can be found in the Artist House, which is right in the south eastern corner of the Tieng Valley. If you're coming to it from the southern side of the river, just cross the wooden plank bridge and it should be just there on the right.

The Farm where Sophon is located is a bit more central though, being located just north of the first bridge and just to the east of the Dig Site. Sophon and her son should just be to the right of the farmhouse, standing among a bunch of loose possessions.

Once you've finished talking to the both of them, they should direct you towards the Shrine to talk to Easel the monk. In doing so, the night arrives and the Shrine doors are now open, waiting for you to journey through them.

What Is Inside the Shrine in Season?

What Is Inside the Shrine in Season?
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If you're the impatient sort and want to know what's waiting for you inside of the Shrine, then thankfully we've got the answers for you right here. As we mentioned, Easel the monk is situated in isolation inside of the Shrine, and if you've been paying attention you will know that he is rather resistant to any attempts to leave.

Much like Matyora and Sophon, Easel also has a mini-story of sorts where you will discover his past and how he reached the Tieng Valley. Without spoiling anything you will be met with a rather significant choice that you must make that is informed by all that you have hopefully discovered in your travels through the Valley.

One very important thing to note is that once you enter the Shrine you will not be able to return to Tieng Valley, so make sure that everything you wanted to do or discover is fully wrapped up before you step through the doors. You will be greeted with a warning at the point of no return though, so at least you will get a second chance to hold off if you remember something at the last moment.

So, that should give you all the information you need if you were wondering how to enter the Shrine in Season. Make sure to check out this guide for what to do in Tieng Valley in Season if you want to see if you've missed anything major so far.

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