All Trophies & Achievements In Season

All Trophies & Achievements In Season
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Harry Boulton


2nd Feb 2023 11:01

Considering it is a short game, you might want to think about going for all of the Season trophies and achievements to complete the set. While Season strangely does not have a platinum trophy, it is still nice to have that big 100% label. So, check out below to see a full list of the Season trophies and achievements.

All Trophies & Achievements in Season

All Trophies & Achievements in Season
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Here is all of the Season trophies and achievements that you can pick up throughout your playthrough:

  • Goodbye Tieng Valley (Bronze): Exit the Valley before the flood enters it.
  • Shrine Arriver (Bronze): Arrive at the Shrine.
  • Artist Assistant (Bronze): Capture Tieng Valley in a moment.
  • Emotional Baggage Handler (Bronze): Help Sophon pack the last of her things.
  • Strange Encounterer (Bronze): Encounter a stranger and have a pleasant interaction.
  • Outside World Seer (Bronze): See the outside world before it's gone.
  • Home Leaver (Bronze): A journey of a thousand seasons begins with a single step.
  • Tour de Tieng (Bronze): Follow a little kid on a bike tour of the valley.
  • Music for Cows (Bronze): Play a herd of cows their favourite genre of music.
  • Dream Listener (Bronze): Listen to your friend's weird but meaningful dream.
  • Journal Beautifier (Bronze): Completely customise a page in your journal.
  • Graffiti Artist (Silver): Leave a mark on Tieng Valley.
  • Love Uncoverer (Silver): Uncover some kind of secret romance.
  • Grey Hands Praxis 101 (Silver): Begin your political education.
  • Deep Listener (Silver): Find a hidden botanical voice.
  • The End (Gold): Witness the end of a season.

As you can see, there aren't too many trophies in Season that you will need to pick up to get the treasured 100% completion. Thankfully a fair chunk of them are earnable by just doing the story, but there are a couple that you will need to thoroughly explore in order to get.

So, that completes this list of the Season trophies and achievements, letting you know what you need to do in order to get the 100% completion. Make sure to check out this Season Prayer Bowls guide if you were wondering how they work.

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