Top Five Rarest Items In Rocket League

Top Five Rarest Items In Rocket League
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5th Jan 2023 10:23

Have you ever wondered what the rarest items in Rocket League are? Part and parcel of the Rocket League experience is heading to the garage and whipping up an awesome design for your car to flex in-game. While many players might now opt to sport their favourite esports teams' stripes from the esports store, others love experimenting with decals and wheels to make some stunning reactive bodies that illuminate the skies in your aerial challenges. But some items are harder to come by than others, and some items are extremely harder to come by than others. So, here are the five rarest items in Rocket League and how to get them.

Rarest Items In Rocket League: Honourable Mentions

Alpha Rewards: Together, the Alpha rewards are the rarest collection of items in the game, yet individually, none of them quite crack the top five. The Golden Nugget (antenna), Gold Cap (topper), Goldstone (wheels), and Gold Rush (boost) are all part of this esteemed collection limited to players who signed up for the Alpha Test of Rocket League, meaning few people have them and they're often traded around top-tier accounts like professional players.

Titanium White Octane: Until Christmas Eve, 2022, the Titanium White Octane was the second-rarest item in Rocket League. Having once only been available through crafting, or through online sales worth up to around $8,000, the Titanium White Octane body soon plummeted in value as Psyonix added it to the in-game store for just a handful of Credits.  

5 - Decennium Pro (Wheels)

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Starting the list of the rarest items in Rocket League is the Decennium Pro wheels. This golden-trimmed alloy wheel was only released by code in 2017 and is limited to a minority of esports fans.

The wheels were given out as a present to those devoted fans who attended the RLCS Season 3 World Championships Final in the Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, meaning there are only a minimal number of these wheels going.

4 - Monstercat (Wheels)

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Rocket League's relationship with Monstercat is strong, with the electronic record label being the proud supplier of many of the game's soundtracks. 

To celebrate the release of the Rocket League x Monstercat: Greatest Hits vinyl, pre-orders were also gifted the rare Monstercat wheels which boast passive sounds to jam out to in matches. The wheels were only given to pre-order customers, meaning that you cannot get them anymore.

3 - Grey Apex (Wheels)

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The Grey Apex wheels are rare, but not exclusive, and can only be attained by being an incredibly loyal devotee of Rocket League esports.

Obtained through random Twitch drops in channels playing competitive Rocket League (RLCS or Psyonix-backed tournaments), the Grey Apex wheels are completely pot-luck to get and they don't appear too often.

2 - Titanium White Dominus (Body)

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Taking over the throne from the Octane body that hit the store, the Titanium White Dominus is now the rarest car in Rocket League. Now impossible to unlock, the Titanium White car was once available through crafting.

Trimmed with a stunning bright white border, this Dominus body can now only be found on the marketplaces and it's often gatekept by the freestyling community where the Dominus is the most popular choice of car.

1 - White Hat (Topper)

The White Hat is the most elusive item in Rocket League, being limited to only a handful of players. While some of the other rare items are based on a "you had to have been there" system, the White Hat is different.

The only way of unlocking the White Hat topper is by finding a game-breaking glitch or exploit in Rocket League and reporting it to the developers. They can be traded, but unless you want to fork out thousands of pounds, you're likely never going to get it, making it the rarest item in Rocket League.

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Most of these rarest items in Rocket League can be found on certain trading sites, but they don't come without a premium price tag; if you're lucky enough to be holding them, they might just be worth a fortune to the right seller.

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