Realm Royale Reforged Patch Notes: August 2022

Realm Royale Reforged Patch Notes: August 2022
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25th Aug 2022 13:58

An extensive list of Realm Royale Reforged patch notes have landed following the game's huge overhaul. Realm Royale was released way back in 2018 as a battle royale competitor to Fortnite. After a few years with a declining fanbase, Hi-Rez has decided to bring the game back in a big way. Plenty has changed with many of the game's mechanics being stripped back to how they were in the beginning. So, here is everything you need to know about the Realm Royale Reforged patch notes for August 2022.

Realm Royale Reforged Patch Notes: Armour

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Taking things back to basics, the Runes system has been replaced with a traditional Armour system. There are now four different pieces of armour for players to equip, each of which grants a different gameplay bonus:

  • Helm: Increased Cooldown reduction
  • Breastplate: Additional Armor P5/Health P5
  • Gauntlets: Increased Reload and Weapon Swap speed
  • Greaves: Increased Movement speed and Mount speed

Realm Royale Reforged Patch Notes: Class Locking

Class weapons and abilities are now locked behind each class type. In addition, they are now separated into Movement and Combat abilities.

Movement Abilities

These never change, and you can not drop them from your inventory. Only upgrading or finding better rarities will increase the power of these abilities.

Warrior: Heroic Leap - Leap an incredible height and distance

Hunter: Grapple Hook - Throw a grappling hook to sling yourself through the air

Mage: Soar - Fly through the air

Assassin: Blink - Teleport forward a short distance

Lightfoot Potion: Throw a flask that increases mobility and jump height

Weapon Abilities

Assassin: Decoy - Spawn a clone that shoots and gain brief invisibility

Warrior: Enrage - Go Berserk with superhuman strength gaining increased Attack Speed, Life Steal, and damage dealt

Mage: Fireball - Cast a blazing damaging fireball at your enemy

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Class Weapons

Class Weapons can only be wielded by their respective Class. Starting out, each Class has two weapons in Realm Royale Reforged.

Warrior: Throwing Axe, Long Sword

Hunter: Longbow, Crossbow

Mage: Fire Staff, Ice Staff

Assassin: Sniper Rifle, Heirloom Rifle

New Weapons

Universal Weapon: Auto Sniper Rifle - A long-range semi Auto Sniper Rifle capable of scoping.

Mage: Fire Staff - Hurls fireballs at your target dealing AOE damage.

Mage: Ice Staff - Shoots Icicle projectiles dealing damage and slowing your target by 20%

Realm Royale Reforged Patch Notes: Other Changes

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Elsewhere, Hi-Rez has made changes to the way that Chests work. Class Chests are new and can be found throughout the Realm. They hold class-specific weapons and abilities and have a small chance to spawn Epic gear.

There have also been changes to the Circle zone size. A Circle Zone now appears as soon as you start a game of Realm Royale, which forces players together more quickly. In addition, players can now only queue for Solos and Trios. Duos and Squads have been removed from the game, but may be added back in later.

Here are the other minor changes that have arrived in the Realm Royale Reforged August update:

  • The Talent system has been removed
  • Legendary weapons may only be forged, taken from goblins, or found in Zeppelin Chests
  • Many Abilities have been re-tuned and given additional effects

For more Realm Royale Reforged guides, be sure to keep your eyes locked on GGRecon.

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