Is Realm Royale Reforged Free To Play?

Is Realm Royale Reforged Free To Play?
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24th Aug 2022 14:23

Are you looking to play Realm Royale Reforged but want to know if it's free to play? Realm Royale  Reforged recently saw a huge re-release as Hi-Rez Studios aims to rekindle the battle royale shooter. One way to bring plenty of players to your game is to give it to them for free. So, is Realm Royale free to play?

Realm Royale Reforged: Is It Free To Play?

Is Realm Royale Reforged Free To Play
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Realm Royale Reforged is a free-to-play title, meaning that it's free to download on your platform of choice. This is because the game is currently in open beta as Hi-Rez claims the game is not yet fully finished. The game originally launched in early access back in 2018, but has now been re-released in open beta in August 2022.


That doesn't mean everything in Realm Royale Reforged is free, however. While there is currently no battle pass system available in the game, there are still cosmetics and microtransactions for players to buy. Some items cost real-world currency, while others can be bought for in-game currency.

With Realm Royale Reforged being in Open Beta, there is potential for the game to start charging players once it is released. However, Hi-Rez states on the Realm Royale Reforged Steam page that it has no intention to start charging for the game. We will update this article if that changes.

Realm Royale: What Platforms Is It Free To Play On?

Realm Royale Reforged is currently available on all major platforms. That includes PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Of course, the game is also playable on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility. Realm Royale Reforged is free to play across all of these platforms and includes the same microtransactions as listed above. So, now you know that Realm Royale Reforged is free to play.

For more Realm Royale guides, be sure to keep your eyes on GGRecon.

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