R6 Siege Player Protection: How To Link Phone Number To Play Ranked

R6 Siege Player Protection: How To Link Phone Number To Play Ranked
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15th Mar 2022 13:39

Rainbow Six Siege 2FA aka Player Protection is a new addition to the game, arriving as part of the Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 1 update. Implemented in an attempt to combat cheaters, the changes will affect almost all players, with the Ranked mode now walled off unless you link a phone number to your Ubisoft account. Thankfully, it's not all that difficult to do and, if it keeps the cheaters out, many will be happy to do so. So, if you are confused about how this all works, this guide will get you back grinding Ranked in no time.

R6 Siege Player Protection: What Is It?

Rainbow Six Siege Player Protection is similar to Fortnite 2FA but is less about protecting your account and more about stopping cheaters from creating new accounts, in that sense, it is similar to the system now employed by CS:GO, which like Rainbow Six Siege, stops players from playing Ranked if they have not attached a phone number to their account.


The idea being, if each new account means attaching a new phone number, the ability for cheaters to create new accounts and jump straight into Ranked mode is greatly reduced, making the mode fairer and more competitive for all. It also is expected to curb "smurfing" - the practice of high ranked players creating new accounts so that they can play against less skilled opponents.

This will be mandatory for not only PC players but also Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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Why Do You Need To Enable R6 Siege Player Protection?

As mentioned above, as of Year 7 Season 1, players will need to enable R6 Siege Player Protection to play the game's Ranked mode. If you choose not to, you will only be able to play casual game modes like the newly added Team Deathmatch.

How To Enable R6 Siege Player Protection

Enabling R6 Siege Player Protection isn't all that difficult but you will, of course, need a working phone number that you have ready access to.

You will need to link your phone number to your Ubisoft Connect account. To do so, follow these instructions:

Rainbow Six Siege Player Protection connect phone number to ubisoft account
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  1. Login to Ubisoft Connect (make sure it's your primary R6 Siege account)
  2. Go to the Account Information tab
  3. Click "Edit" on the section titled Private Information 
  4. Enter your phone number and click "Submit"
  5. You will be sent a text with a confirmation number, enter this and you're done!

Now, when you fire up Rainbow Six Siege you will be able to play Ranked.

Are There Any Bonuses For Enabling R6 Siege Player Protection?

Other than being able to access Ranked mode, there are no bonuses for enabling R6 Siege Player Protection, however, with a game so plagued by cheating, the prize may well be the feature itself.

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