PUBG Skins: How To Get Weapon Skins In PUBG

PUBG Skins: How To Get Weapon Skins In PUBG
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17th Mar 2022 12:20

The PUBG skins let players customise their weapons to look different from their default versions. PUBG has many options for customization, from in-game attachments that make weapons perform better, to purely cosmetic clothing for characters, and now weapon skins to alter the look of your tools of death. If you want a primer on how the PUBG skins work, along with how to earn them, read on. 

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PUBG Skins: What Are Skins, And How Do You Get Them?

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The PUBG skins for weapons are cosmetics which are used to alter the look of your guns. Earning them is similar to getting clothing, meaning you can purchase crates with Battle Points (BP), but some will need keys to be opened initially which cost £2 ($2.50). It's possible to earn duplicates of skins too, but these can be exchanged for more BP, or sold on the Steam community market. Previous Battle Passes have also given players the chance to earn skins by completing challenges, such as the Avant Guard collection. 

Weapon skins also have rarities associated with them, running from the most common to the rarest, these are Classic, Special, Rare, Elite, Epic, Legendary, and Ultimate. Obviously, higher rarity skins are harder to earn in crates and will also go for more in the community market. 


Aside from crates, sometimes skins are dropped on Twitch streams or earned automatically for having a Twitch Prime subscription. The current crate rotation consists of the Raider Crate, Venetian Crate, Eguinox Crate, and Triumph Crate. 

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PUBG Skins: Rarest Skins

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There are many sought after skins in-game, with the majority of them sitting in the higher tiers, so not many players actually have their hands on them. The rarest skin in the Raider Crate is the Gold Plate S686, which stands out sharply on the battlefield with its shine. It also features the Van Helsing set, which gives some weapons a Silver Plate finish. 

In the Venetian Crate, players can get the Legendary Tick Tock M416, and a Venetian Mini 14, along with the Gunsmith Cobalt set for a number of other firearms. The Eguinox Crate lets players an incredibly rare Pan called The Olive Branch, and the Shark Bite Kar98k. Lastly, the Triumph Crate's rarest skin is the Glory AKM, and it also has the Gold Rush set, which lets you put the Gold Plate finish on a number of shotguns. 

During certain events and official PUBG competitions, the developers will also give players the chance to earn exclusive, limited-time skins. The Pan is a weapon that tends to get high rarity skins for these events, like the PUBG National Cup and PGC 2019 skins. 

Crates are sure to continue being added while the game receives updates and new seasons launch, so watch out for new updates. 

That's all for our primer on PUBG skins, and now you know how to earn them, along with what some of the rarer skins in the game currently are.

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