Best PUBG Weapons: Best Guns To Use On Every Map

Best PUBG Weapons: Best Guns To Use On Every Map
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16th Mar 2022 13:36

The best PUBG weapons will ensure you consistently place high in your games and get chicken dinners, but what are they? PUBG has a lot of weapons to select from and since it was released in 2017, there have been a lot of changes made, tweaking older weapons along with adding newer additions. So, if you want to know what the best PUBG weapons are to outgun the competition, we've got you covered. 

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Best PUBG Weapons: AWM (Sniper Rifle)

Best PUBG Weapons AWM
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Without a doubt, the best sniper rifle in the game, and perhaps the outright best gun in the correct hands - the AWM packs one hell of a punch and has the best range of any weapon.

It does have the drawback of being bolt action, and the gun and its ammo can only be found in the crates that drop in the map. Despite this, if you manage to pick one up, it's a one-shot headshot even with full armour, and can pin an entire team down from the fear of being hit alone.

Best PUBG Weapons: MG3 (LMG)

Best PUBG Weapons MG3
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One of the more recent additions to the game is the light machine gun, called the MG3. It's got a massive magazine along with an incredibly fast fire rate that can tear close-range opponents to pieces. It can suffer struggle with its recoil at longer ranges, so the attachments are a must to make it viable for these types of fights.

Furthermore, it's also only available in airdrops, so there is a risk associated with acquiring one, however, it will be well worth it once you can mow down entire teams in the final circle.


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Best PUBG Weapons: Beryl M762 (Assault Rifle)

Best PUBG Weapons Beryl M762
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Over the years, the Beryl has seen a lot of buffs that has positioned it as one of the best ARs in the current meta. Its damage per second (DPS) is currently better than the AK47, which was the old go-to AR, and the high bullet velocity makes it easy to get kills from a distance.

Like most ARs, it balances long-to-medium range combat well but can suffer at close range when fighting players with higher fire-rate guns. It also has three attachment slots to further specialise over the course of a game.

Best PUBG Weapons: Mini-14 (Marksman Rifle)

Best PUBG Weapons Mini-14
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A current favourite in the esports scene because of its recent buffs, the Mini-14 has an incredible damage modifier for body parts, a low recovery rate, and the best bullet velocity in the game.

It can take down someone with a level two helmet in just two hits, and considering it's plentifully found around the map, it's a must-have for any player. Only having two attachment points is perhaps its biggest weakness, but you can still fit a scope to take advantage of its impeccable bullet velocity.

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Best PUBG Weapons: MK14 EBR (Marksman Rifle)

Best PUBG Weapons MK14 EBR
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The MK14 has been a favourite of the PUBG community since it was first introduced to the game, and it's easy to see why. The weapon's long-distance damage, fast bullet velocity, and the ability to switch between auto and semi-auto make it one of the most versatile guns in the game, acting like a shotgun at close distances with its raw power.

The drawback to all these features is that it's only available in the crate, and the recoil can be demanding for newer players, but it's still worth picking up whenever you find one.

Best PUBG Weapons: Vector (SMG)

Best PUBG Weapons Vector
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The Vector has always been, and still is, the best SMG in PUBG. The extreme fire rate lets it melt enemies in close-range, and it has had its recoil buffed recently, making it even easier to control at the medium ranges too.

It has had its damage nerfed too recently, but the fire rate still makes up for this drawback, and it can further specialised with its attachments - such as the increased magazine size which is imperative to getting the most out of the gun. 

Best PUBG Weapons: Deagle (Pistol)

Best PUBG Weapons Deagle
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Pistols in PUBG can sometimes feel pointless, but as they occupy a unique slot that leaves you room for two main weapons, it's always worth picking one up just in case. The only pistol you'll really want to bother with though is the powerful Deagle.

It has the highest pistol damage in the game and can destroy an enemy in a level three helmet with just two shots. It's always best as a last resort, but if you reckon you can hit the shots, it can compete with some of the main weapons in damage.

That's our list of the best PUBG weapons currently available, and you should know which weapons are worth picking up to take out the opposition and score that chicken dinner.


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