PUBG Ranks: PUBG Ranked System Explained

PUBG Ranks: PUBG Ranked System Explained
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16th Mar 2022 14:01

The PUBG ranks have received some changes ever the battle royale went free-to-play earlier this year, but it stays close to the standard ranks the majority of multiplayer games have. It can take a while to climb the ranks in PUBG, and the difficulty of winning games is just one of these obstacles. If you're looking for a list of the PUBG ranks, along with how to get to each one, we've got you covered.

We also have breakdowns of the secret rooms:

PUBG Ranks: How To Access Ranked

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Back when PUBG had a one-time purchase, the ranked mode was accessible to all players, with separate playlists for the solo, duo, and squad modes. Due to the recent switch to free-to-play, Krafton made some slight changes to how this works, and PUBG players will now need to purchase an upgrade called Battlegrounds Plus.

Players will start with a basic account which gives them most of the features for playing the game from the get-go, but cordons off ranked for the Battlegrounds Plus owners. This change is being made to try and stem the cheating issue that affects the game on PC, with the hope that the upfront cost will dissuade any hacking. If you bought the game before the F2P switch, then you will be given the Battlegrounds Plus upgrade for free.


Aside from the changes mentioned above, finding a ranked match is as simple as ever. Navigate to the 'Play' tab in-game, and select the 'Ranked' option. From there, you can select whether you want to play in first-person perspective (FPP) or third-person perspective (TPP), and the type of mode.

  • If you want to rank, you will want to know the PUBG maps like the back of your hand.

PUBG Ranks: What Are The Ranks

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There are currently seven separate PUBG ranks that players can gain, with a further split of five divisions to work through in each rank. The PUBG ranks in order are:

  • Bronze - Less than 1500 points
  • Silver - 1500-1999 points
  • Gold - 2000-2499 points
  • Platinum - 2500-2999 points
  • Diamond - 3000-3499 points
  • Master - More than 3500 points
  • Grandmaster - Top 500 players in the ranked leaderboard

PUBG Ranks: Ranking Up

Ranking up in PUBG just takes playtime and something called Ranked Points (RP). Winning games, getting high scores, and lots of kills will grant you more RP, but the amount you receive will decrease as you get higher levels. Each division of a rank requires 100 RP before you can level up, and obviously if you fall back below a threshold, it will lower your rank. 

That's all the major information for the PUBG ranks, and you should understand what the ranks are, how they work, along with how to gain ranks.

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