Pokemon Sleep: release date speculation, plot & Pokemon GO Plus +

Pokemon Sleep: release date speculation, plot & Pokemon GO Plus +
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1st Mar 2023 17:34

After years of waiting, to the point where all thought it was cancelled, Pokemon Sleep has woken up and officially been revealed. From the release date and what the game is about to Pokemon GO Plus + compatibility, here is all you need to know about the sleep tracking game in this Pokemon Sleep guide.

Pokemon Sleep: release date speculation, plot & Pokemon GO Plus +

Pokemon Sleep release date

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Although there is no exact Pokemon Sleep release date just yet, the game has been confirmed in the February 2023 Pokemon Presents to come out to iOS and Android mobile platforms in the Summer of 2023. So you will be able to start tracking your sleep Pokemon-style between June and September 2023.

What is Pokemon Sleep about?

Pokemon Sleep is an appropriately named sleep-tracking game specifically designed for mobile devices. By placing your phone next to your pillow before you sleep, you'll wake up to a score that's higher the more you sleep - with your sleep time being measured, recorded, and categorised into different sleep types.

This will also impact other Pokemon that will appear around Snorlax as you wake up. The more you find, the more sleep styles you can research to add to your sleep style dex.

Pokemon GO Plus +

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Doubling as companion hardware for both Pokemon Sleep as well as Pokemon GO, is the very weirdly named Pokemon GO Plus + accessory. Utilising low-energy Bluetooth, you can execute your Pokemon Sleep slumber by pushing the central button and then again when you wake up - to more easily record your sleep data.

The apparently stored Pikachu in a Pokemon GO Plus + will even sing you lullabies, get friendly with you the more sleep you get, and unlock more alarm sounds to wake you up. The Pokemon GO Plus + introduction video also mentions additional functionality for Pokemon GO by utilising your Pokemon Sleep data in the future - although, that's been kept vague for now.

That's all you need to know about the Pokemon Sleep release date, plot, and Pokemon GO Plus + functionality. For more of the latest on Pokemon, check out what's new in the Rising Heroes Pokemon GO season. Better yet, find out how to catch a Romaing Form Gimmighoul in Pokemon GO.

For even more Pokemon Sleep guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon.

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