Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Which One Is Better?

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Which One Is Better?
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17th Nov 2022 18:01

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - which is better? Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continue the tradition of Pokemon games launching in pairs, and as always there is a debate. Which is better between the two games is really a subjective question, but many have already come to their conclusions. Here is everything you need to know to answer the question yourself; Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which is better?

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: General Differences

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There are more overall differences between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet than most previous pairs of Pokemon games. The previous generation, Pokemon Sword and Shield, experimented with adding more differences between the versions by having version-exclusive gym leaders.

Scarlet and Violet continue this trend by having different Pokemon Professors based on which version you are playing. Professor Sada is your go-to Pokemon expert in Pokemon Scarlet, whereas you will be working with Professor Turo in Pokemon Violet.

Furthermore, the school you attend in the game is different based on the version you are playing. Naranja Academy and Uva Academy are the schools from Scarlet and Violet, respectively. They even adhere to the colour schemes of the games, further cementing just which version of the game you are playing.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Exclusive Pokemon

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As always, the biggest difference between the versions are the exclusive Pokemon. There is a list of Pokemon that can only be gotten in one version or the other, topped as always by the version-exclusive legendary Pokemon. Although the games are not out yet, the list of exclusive Pokemon for each version has been leaked.

Bear in mind, there are some mild spoilers in reading this list, as you will be seeing some new Pokemon that have not been announced. If seeing some new Pokemon early isn't enough of an issue to stop you from checking out which Pokemon are exclusive to which game, then continue reading to find out.

Scarlet Exclusives

Violet Exclusives

Tauros (Fire-type)

Tauros (Water-type)





























Paradox Donphan (Great Tusk)

Paradox Donphan with Iron Treads

Paradox Amoongus (Brute Bonnet)

Paradox Volcarona with Iron Moth

Paradox Magneton (Sandy Shocks)

Paradox Hariyama with Iron Hands

Paradox Jigglypuff (Scream Tail)

Paradox Hydreigon with Iron Jugulis

Paradox Misdreavus (Flutter Mane)

Paradox Tyranitar (Iron Thorns)

Paradox Volcarona (Slither Wing)

Paradox Delibird (Iron Bundle)

Paradox Salamence (Roaring Moon)

Paradox Gallade/Gardevoir (Iron Valiant)





Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Which Version Is Better?

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There is no definitive, objective answer to which of the two versions is better. It comes down to personal preference, so really your best bet is to look over the information above and see which game appeals to you more.

The biggest difference between the games is the Pokemon that are exclusive to each version, so choose the game with the exclusives that most appeal to you. Beyond that, your best metric to go off of is whether you prefer the colour orange or the colour purple.

That is it for our rundown of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - which is better. For more on the game, check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet pre-order bonus guide.

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