Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Greninja Tera Raid: Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Greninja Tera Raid: Everything You Need To Know
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Sara Heritage


16th Jan 2023 13:42

A 7-Star Greninja Tera Raid is coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Recently voted as Google user's favourite Pokemon of all time, Greninja is finally making its way across the Paldean border. This special Tera Raid Event Pokemon will have a Poison Tera Type, instead of its usual Water/Dark dual typing. This guide will go through its moveset, best counters and how to access the Greninja Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Greninja Tera Raid

First taking place from 00:00 UTC, January 27th, to 23:59 UTC on January 29th, this 7-Star Poison Greninja can be found at special Black Tera Crystals across Paldea. 

To unlock 7-star raids, you’ll need that have completed the main storyline and defeated a few 5-star raids. Haven’t got to that point yet? No problem - the event will repeat itself from February 10th to February 12th, 2023.

The Greninja line can’t be found natively in Paldea, so this is a unique opportunity to add this popular Kalos starter to your team. 

It will have 6IVs (Individual Values), which are the numbers that determine the stats of a single Pokemon. It can only be caught once per save file. 

Currently, it’s unknown what ability the Greninja in the 7-star Tera Raid will have. It’s likely to be between its hidden abilities - Protean and Battle Bond. In Generation 9, Protean changes your Pokemon’s type to the type of a move once per battle. Battle Bond is Greninja’s signature ability, turning it into Ash-Greninja with higher base stats than regular Greninja when it knocks out another Pokemon on the field.

Best Counters To Choose

Poison-type moves are super effective against Fairy and Grass-type Pokemon, so avoid these types! You’ll want to bring Ground and Psychic-type Pokemon for super effective damage of your own. Consider moves of the same type for same-type-attack-bonus (STAB) additional damage. 

As soon as the moveset for the 7-Star Poison Tera type Greninja is released, we’ll update this guide with some Pokemon we think will be popular counters.

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