Pokemon BDSP Unown Location: Where To Find All 28

Pokemon BDSP Unown Location: Where To Find All 28
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Pokemon BDSP Unown has made a return in the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes, after the alphabet Pokemon first appeared in the second generation of games. In Pokemon BDSP (and every other Pokemon game), Unown are shaped like the alphabet, with 28 different variations in total. Yes, the alphabet only has 26 letters, but there are two extra. If you're wondering exactly where to find and catch a Pokemon BDSP Unown, how to navigate through the cave Unown resides in, and some tips for catching Unown, here's everything you need to know.

Pokemon BDSP Unown Location

Pokemon BDSP Unown Cave
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The only place that Unown can be found in Pokemon BDSP is at the Solaceon Ruins. This can be accessed as soon as you make it to Solaceon Town. Head to the top of Solaceon Town and then head east through some trees and you will come to a lot of ledges that can be jumped down.

To access the Solaceon Ruins you will need to walk as far right as you can and then jump down the ledges on this side. If you jump down any of the others you will come to a dead-end and have to do it again. Once you jump down all of the ledges on the right hand side you will come to the entrance of Solaceon Ruins.

Pokemon BDSP Unown: Solaceon Ruins Layout

Pokemon BDSP Solaceon Ruins
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Solaceon Ruins is made up of many different passageways and rooms, each being home to a certain Unown. There are six main passageways in Solaceon Ruins, each allowing players to catch an Unown which will spell out "FRIEND". The remaining 20 can be found in the smaller rooms with a rock in the middle of them. It is worth checking each of these rocks because some have items hidden in them.

But once you are in a small room just wander around until a battle triggers, and then once you've caught the Unown you can leave the room and head to the next one. It would be wise to make a note of which rooms you've been in, even draw yourself a map or find one online so you can make sure you're not wandering around a room that you've already been in. It's fairly simple stuff as long as you remember which way you entered from though.

Pokemon BDSP Unown: How To Catch The Final Two

Once the 26 alphabets Unown have been caught, players will unlock a new area of the Solaceon Ruins where the final two Unown can be found. The final two are the exclamation point and question mark Unown variants.

However, these can only be accessed by heading through Route 214 to another entrance to the Solaceon Ruins. Head south on Route 214 until you reach a cave that has a Ruins Maniac NPC. If all 26 Unown are caught he will dig through the wall to allow you to access the secret area of the Solaceon Ruins where the final two Unown can be caught.

Pokemon BDSP Unown Tips

Pokemon BDSP Unown Encounter
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It might seem daunting to have to catch 26 Pokemon, but they aren't that difficult to catch. We recommend that you stock up on Quick Balls and Dusk Balls and it will make things much easier. Quick Balls work best when used at the beginning of the encounter, with the Unown being fairly low level there is a good chance you will be able to catch many of them this way without battling them. Should you need to battle them, which is likely for the six Unowns in the main passageways, we recommend using Dusk Balls as they make catching Pokemon in caves much easier.

Most of the Unowns are around the level 20 mark, so if you are doing this later on in the game when your main party is much stronger you may have to head to the Pokemon Center and take a look at your box and create a new party of weaker Pokemon, just so you have less chance of knocking them out. But, should you accidentally defeat them, you can continue to wander around the area until a new encounter triggers, these aren't just a one-time Pokemon that you can encounter like the legendary Pokemon and the ever-elusive Pokemon BDSP Drifloon.

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