Pokemon BDSP Mean Look: How To Get Mean Look

Pokemon BDSP Mean Look: How To Get Mean Look
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2nd Dec 2021 03:36

The Pokemon BDSP Mean Look move can be an incredibly useful move to have in your party, because the move prevents wild Pokemon from escaping. This can make catching three of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon BDSP, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, much easier, because they tend to flee from battles pretty often. Thankfully, getting the Pokemon BDSP Mean Look isn't very difficult, although the the method is different from obtaining something like Pokemon BDSP Waterfall. Here's what you need to know.

Pokemon BDSP Mean Look Location

There are 100 TMs in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Unfortunately, the Mean Look TM isn't one of them, which means that players can't simply teach a Pokemon the move at will, and will instead have to find a wild Pokemon that can learn the move.

Pokemon BDSP Mean Look Pokemon

Pokemon BDSP Mean Look
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In total, there are 17 Pokemon that can learn Mean Look through levelling up. This means that if you want Mean Look to be part of your team in Pokemon BDSP then you will need to catch one of the Pokemon below.

The good thing is, none of them are Pokemon that are only available once, which means you will definitely be able to find a Pokemon to build up ready to compete with the Mean Look. Some of the Pokemon on the list learn Mean Look at level 1, which means that if you breed the Pokemon with either a Ditto or two of the same Pokemon, the Pokemon from the egg will hatch at level 1 and immediately learn Mean Look.

And, if you didn't realize the potential of the move and chose not to teach it to your Pokemon, you can always visit the Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner and learn the move again

Here are all of the Pokemon in BDSP that learn the Mean Look move.

  • Zubat (Learns at level 10) - Route 203, 204, 206, 207
  • Golbat (learns at level 1) - Evolves from Zubat at Level 22
  • Crobat (learns at level 1) - Evolves from Golbat with Friendship
  • Gastly (learns at level 8) - Route 209, Old Chateau, Lost Tower, Grand Underground
  • Haunter (learns at level 1) - Evolves from Gastly at level 25
  • Gengar (learns at level 1) - Trade Haunter
  • Smoochum (learns at level 40) - Lake Acuity, Grand Underground
  • Jynx (learns at level 46) - Evolves from Smoochum at level 30
  • Umbreon (learns at level 50) - Evolves from Eevee (Increase happiness during night)
  • Murkrow (learns at level 41) - Eterna Forest, Lost Tower, Grand Underground (Brilliant Diamond exclusive)
  • Honchkrow (learns at level 1) - Evolves from Murkrow with Dusk Stone
  • Misdreavus (learns at level 19) - Eterna Forest, Lost Tower, Grand Underground (Shining Pearl exclusive)
  • Mismagius (learns at level 1) - Evolve Misdreavus with Dusk Stone
  • Sableye (learn at level 36) - Grand Underground (Shining Pearl exclusive)
  • Duskull (learns at level 28) - Route 224, Grand Underground
  • Dusclops (learns at level 28) - Evolves from Duskull at level 37
  • Dusknoir (learns at level 28) - Trade Dusclops with Reaper Cloth

Pokemon BDSP Mean Look Uses

Mean Look will prevent wild Pokemon from escaping, which can come in handy when it comes to trying to catch the three legendary Pokemon in BDSP, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf. This makes Mean Look an essential move in your Pokemon BDSP party, even if you find a Pokemon just for catching these legendary Pokemon.

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