How to become a Quincy in Peroxide

How to become a Quincy in Peroxide
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Morgan Truder


14th Sep 2023 09:52

When playing the Roblox game Peroxide, you will come to a point where you’re going to want to know how to become a Quincy. You have two options in Peroxide, you can either become a Quincy or a Soul Reaper

We are going to outline why you would want to become a Quincy in the game, as well as how you can become one of the bow-wielding warriors. Fortunately, becoming a Quincy is nice and easy, so here is everything you need to know about doing so in Peroxide. 

What is the Quincy in Peroxide? 

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There are three factions in Peroxide and one of them is the Quincy. The Quincy are humans and favour long-range attacks like a bow. So if you’re planning on doing some damage from range in Peroxide, this is the faction for you.

The Quincy faction’s progression is also very fast, so if you are new to Peroxide this is the best faction to pick.

How to join the Quincy in Peroxide? 

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Joining the Quincy is nice and easy as long as you follow the steps we have outlined for you below. It is worth noting you can still join the Quincy even if you are in soul form, so don’t worry about dying along the way. 

  • Go to the Bus Terminal 
  • Find Gunther 
  • Gunther will ask if you would like to become a Quincy - say yes
  • Now you are a Quincy 

That is all you need to know about becoming a Quincy in Peroxide. If you are enjoying the game, make sure you check out our complete explainer on the Yamamoto Clan, as well as how you can reroll your clan. For more, check out our Roblox homepage, and if you’re on the hunt for codes we have you covered too. 

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