Peroxide Clan tier list (September 2023)

Peroxide Clan tier list (September 2023)
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31st Aug 2023 15:23


This Peroxide Clan tier list is essential if you're looking to become the best in this anime-inspired game, as we've ranked them all to save you time and effort.

Peroxide is a popular Roblox game based on the Bleach anime, giving players the opportunity to dive into the world that they love so much from the show.

From tier 0 to tier 3 amongst the Soul Reaper, Hollow, and Quincy Clans, let's get into the full Peroxide tier list so you'll know which Clans are best for you in the game

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Tier O Peroxide Clans

The Peroxide loading screen when starting the game
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First, amongst every Peroxide Clan in this list, the following Clans are considered tier 0.

Soul Reaper

  • Yamamoto Clan


Tier 1 Peroxide Clans

Key art for Peroxide on the game's Roblox page
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Second, the following Clans are considered tier 1 amongst those in Peroxide.

Soul Reaper 

  • Kurosaki Clan
  • Aizen Clan
  • Zaraki Clan


  • Jaegerjaquez Clan 
  • Cifer Clan 
  • Starrk Clan


  • Yhwach Clan
  • Ishida Clan

Tier 2 Peroxide Clans

Covert art for Peroxide on the game's Roblox page
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Below, you'll next find listed all tier 2 Peroxide Clans in the game, from Soul Reaper to Quincy.

Soul Reaper

  • Chad Clan
  • Kuchiki Clan
  • Abarai Clan
  • Shihouin Clan


  • Gilga Clan 
  • Rureux Clan 
  • Arruruerie Clan 
  • Harribel Clan 
  • Llargo Clan 


  • Haschwalth Clan
  • Valkyrie Clan
  • Parnkgjas Clan
  • Barro Clan

Tier 3 Peroxide Clans

Peroxide cover art for the game from its Roblox page
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Finally, here are the following Peroxide Clans that are considered tier 3 amongst those in this list.

Soul Reaper 

  • Inoue Clan 
  • Hayanami Clan 
  • Mikazuki Clan 
  • Rengoku Clan 
  • Kurosami Clan 
  • Uzumaki Clan 
  • Akashi Clan 
  • Ken Clan 
  • Shen Clan 
  • Saru Clan 
  • Kuroku Clan
  • Lee Clan 
  • Kaneki Clan 


  • Pyximes Clan 
  • Reddark Clan 
  • Hollargo Clan 
  • Vriess Clan 
  • Terges Clan 
  • Grindella Clan 
  • Llargaller Clan  
  • Roldullen Clan 
  • Harrett Clan 
  • Gillilga Clan 
  • Tergeaux Clan 
  • Weskullen Clan 


  • Lloyd Clan
  • Fahriel Clan
  • Weidment Clan
  • Ehmerger Clan
  • Bernoth Clan
  • Erliss Clan
  • Plessnone Clan
  • Sternell Clan
  • Rowoux Clan
  • Daloir Clan
  • Grubia Clan
  • Heidlach Clan

That's everything you need to know from our Peroxide Clan tier list, ranking all Clans from tier 0 to tier 3.

You can find more guides and codes to pick up plenty of free rewards on our Roblox homepage, so make sure to check it out.

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