How to trade items in Peroxide

How to trade items in Peroxide
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Dave McAdam


30th Aug 2023 14:54

If you want to know how to trade items in Peroxide, this guide will teach you all you need to know in how to master trading in this hugely popular Roblox game inspired by the hit anime and manga, Bleach.

Trading items with other players in the game is a great way to interact and get the things you want, but it isn't exactly a straightforward system. Here is everything you need to know about trading in Peroxide.

How to trade items in Peroxide

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First of all, there is no formal trading system in Peroxide, with trading instead being done by dropping items in the game and allowing another player to pick them up. To drop an item, you need to equip it and then press the "=" key, which should be in the top right of your keyboard.

This can be risky, however. So, let's also go into the steps you should take in order to trade safely with other players in Peroxide.

If trading items with a friend

If you are trading an item with a friend or another player you know to be trustworthy, then you should have no issues. In this case, you simply need to meet the other player in the game, drop the items you wish to trade, and then pick up the item you are trading for.

If trading with a stranger

Where this can become tricky is if you are looking to trade with someone you don't really know or if other players you don't know are nearby. Ideally, you want to do any trades on a private server to make sure other players cannot steal your items mid-trade.

How to find players to trade with in Peroxide

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The best way to safely find players to trade for specific items you're hunting is by joining the Peroxide Discord server.

In the Peroxide Discord, there is a dedicated Trading channel, where players can openly discuss which items they have to trade, and which items they want to trade for. This can be a great resource for tracking down items you need or trading away valuable items you have for great rewards.

Again, we recommend you only trade with someone who seems trustworthy and do so on a private server.

That is it for our Peroxide trading guide, letting you know how to safely trade items in the game.

For even more tips and plenty of codes, head to our Roblox homepage.

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