Is PAYDAY 3 on Xbox Game Pass on console, PC or Cloud?

Is PAYDAY 3 on Xbox Game Pass on console, PC or Cloud?
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20th Sep 2023 17:24

PAYDAY 3 is now here for players who enjoy cooperative heisting and mass murder of law enforcement, but you'll want to know if you can play the game on Xbox Game Pass on console, PC, or Cloud.

It seems that more and more games are launching day one on Xbox Game Pass these days, which is great news for those with a subscription. But, are PAYDAY 3 players also in luck? Read on below to see if the game is available on Xbox Game Pass currently.

Is PAYDAY 3 on Xbox Game Pass?

Characters in PAYDAY 3 robbing a bank
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The short answer is yes, PAYDAY 3 is available on Xbox Game Pass, after being a day one launch title. That means players with a subscription to the service can download and play the game for no extra cost until it's removed from the service in the future.

This is fantastic news for Xbox players who were already thinking about buying the game anyway. PAYDAY 3 is available for £34.99 ($39.99), so while it’s priced slightly lower than most other new games, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can save a little bit of cash if they want to try it out for just one month.

How can you play PAYDAY 3 with Xbox Game Pass?

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What’s more, depending on which tier of Xbox Game Pass players subscribe to, you'll be able to play PAYDAY 3 on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Cloud platforms.

This means that no matter where you are or what platform you play on, you can access PAYDAY 3 from a device that supports Xbox Game Pass.

PAYDAY 3 is also on PlayStation, however, players on the Sony platform won't be able to access the game via Xbox Game Pass - instead, they'll have to fork out the full price for the game.

That's all for our explainer of whether you can play PAYDAY 3 on Xbox Game Pass or not on console, PC, and Cloud. 

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