Overwatch 2: Lantern Lit Challenge Guide

Overwatch 2: Lantern Lit Challenge Guide
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31st Oct 2022 10:02

Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror is the first event to be returned to the popular hero-based shooter. Now in Overwatch 2, there’s been a couple of changes from its original iteration in the previous title. The Halloween Terror comes with a brand-new sequel to the highly popular PvE mode Junkenstein’s Revenge. So, here's how to complete the Lantern Lit challenge in the Overwatch 2 Halloween event.

Overwatch 2: Lantern Lit Challenge

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Overwatch 2 not only allows you to play the old mode but the newest mission Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride. This mission sees Ashe and the 3 newest Overwatch 2 heroes (Sojourn, Junker Queen and Kiriko) take down Junkenstein’s zombie bride Sombra. This new game mode also hosts event challenges for players to complete for various rewards and battle pass experience, a new addition to Overwatch 2. Some of these challenges are relatively simple and involve completing the mission on higher difficulties or defeating Sombra as all of the available heroes. 

One of the more unique challenges that you can complete in Wrath of the Bride revolves around one of the lanterns you can find in the castle. The challenge Lantern Lit requires you to crouch around a lantern for at least 6 seconds while the Unstoppable Ghost is active. 


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Lantern Lit is actually one of the easier challenges, and can be done pretty quickly while solo or with a group. The Unstoppable Ghost is an intangible enemy that deals constant damage in an area around it, so you’ll need to avoid his AOE damage while crouching near the lantern. This can be done rather easily, as the Unstoppable Ghost can only follow one player at a time, meaning one person can be chased while the others grab the achievement. 

It’s recommended that you get him to chase either Kiriko or Junker Queen. As Junker Queen has the highest health pool so she can keep herself healthy. Kiriko can bait the Ghost away from her team and then teleport to them. The Unstoppable Ghost will spawn periodically while people are around so feel free to take your time kiting him around until you get the achievement. 

You’ll know the achievement is complete when you get a yellow announcement in chat. The lantern should also light up to this colour provided you stood there for long enough. 

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Lantern Lit will give you 1000 battle pass experience points, which is pretty nice considering how easy the achievement is. Lantern Lit will also go towards the event challenge Wedding Planner which requires you to complete 13 event challenges. This one is pretty easy so it's definitely one that you should go for while completing Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride.

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