Overwatch 2: Knock, Knock... Guide

Overwatch 2: Knock, Knock... Guide
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31st Oct 2022 17:28

Are you trying to complete the 'Knock, Knock...' challenge in Overwatch 2? Overwatch 2 has been out for about a month now, and the revamped title has brought about new characters, new maps, new game modes and new challenges for players to complete. And with the coming of the spooky season in real life, Overwatch 2 has pulled out its modern version of the fan favourite Halloween Terror. Here's how to complete the Knock, Knock... challenge in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror: Knock, Knock...

Halloween Terror in Overwatch 2 works slightly differently from the original game. While some things are the same, such as new skins, voice lines and other various cosmetics for you to grab, the ways in which you get them are a bit different now. With the removal of loot boxes from the Overwatch franchise as a whole, Overwatch 2 has introduced challenges that reward players with battle pass experience or other diverse prizes. 

Most challenges in Halloween Terror involve partaking in the newest Junkenstein game mode. Junkenstein’s Revenge: Revenge of the Bride. Some of these challenges will need you to complete the game mode on the highest difficulty, while some are more menial and will require you to find secrets around the map. 

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Knock, Knock Challenge Rundown

The Knock, Knock… challenge is a challenge that requires you to “Disturb the guest in the Tavern in Wrath of the Bride”. This isn’t too trivial to do and only requires you to head into the Tavern’s second floor and knock on one of the doors there. This challenge can be done by any hero out of the four, so feel free to pick whomever you’d like out of Kiriko, Junker Queen, Sojourn or Ash. You can also complete this challenge without needing a premade group, as it doesn’t require any form of coordination. 

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Overwatch 2: Knock, Knock Challenge Guide

In order to complete the Knock, Knock… challenge, you’ll need to: 

  • Spawn in as any character and regroup with your team
  • Head to the Tavern and listen in to the radio that plays instructing you to head to the Castle
  • Head to the second floor of the Tavern and find the door that has the lantern glowing above it
  • Walk up to the door and hit F to Knock on the door
  • Repeat this process until you gain the challenge Knock, Knock…

You’ll know you’ve completed the challenge once it appears in the chat box and a loud thunder sound effect is played.

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The Knock, Knock challenge awards players the new Scry Some More Kiriko voice line. This voice line is limited only to the Halloween Terror event so players should pick it up if they can.

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