All Operations Siege codes to redeem free skins

All Operations Siege codes to redeem free skins
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Kiera Mills

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3rd Apr 2024 13:37

Operations Siege is another Roblox game that gives players the chance to earn some unique freebies - with the redeemable codes offering different skins to wear on your operator. 

Operations Siege is a multiplayer tactical FPS inspired directly by Rainbow Six Siege, borrowing the gameplay structure and mechanics and fitting it into a blocky package. If extra skins are something that appeals to you, learn how to redeem the Operations Siege codes with our breakdown below.

All active Operations Siege codes

Operations Siege codes offer up a number of different skins for players to equip. If you want to set yourself apart with unique cosmetics, check out each code and skin in the following table.

Codes Rewards
FABRICA DE COBRES Skin and 5000 Credits (NEW)

How to redeem Operations Siege codes

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If you've decided on which skin sounds perfect for you, you'll want to learn how to redeem Operations Siege codes. 

The process can be completed from the main menu, making it super simple to get all the skins you want. Here's the full process:

  • From the main menu, click the text box in the bottom right that says 'Redeemed Code'
  • Enter a working code
  • Select 'Redeem' to earn your rewards

If the code was successfully redeemed, a pop-up will appear saying the name and rarity of the skin, along with a preview of what it looks like. 

However, I found the game bugged out at this point, and I couldn't get rid of the pop-up unless I restarted the game, so it's worth keeping that in mind if you want to redeem all the codes.

Now you know all the Operations Siege codes, along with the process for redeeming them for skins. 

Check out our Roblox and codes pages for more guides. We've also covered all the working codes for games like King Legacy, Type Soul, and Fruit Battlegrounds.

Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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