All One Piece New Dreams codes for rerolls & resets

All One Piece New Dreams codes for rerolls & resets
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Earning rerolls and resets is important in gacha games where you may want to try a new style of play, so check out our coverage of the One Piece New Dreams codes to learn how to get them. 

One Piece New Dreams is a Roblox action game based on the One Piece anime and manga series, with quick and tough combat. The game is notoriously difficult for a Roblox title, but rerolls offer a chance to quickly gain useful new powers that'll help in any situation. 

If you need to know all the current codes that are available, and how to redeem them, continue read on below.

All working One Piece New Dreams codes

The selection of One Piece New Dreams codes that can currently be redeemed allow you to gain rerolls, path resets, and wipe tomes. 

Each code and its relevant reward is listed in the table here. 

Codes Rewards
OnePieceNewDreams Gives one of everything
Apologies Gives a race reroll, haki path reset, and wipe tome

How to redeem One Piece New Dreams codes

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Knowing the codes isn't enough though, as sadly you can't manifest your rewards out of thin air - however, the redemption process for getting your rewards is only a few simple steps. 

  • Start by loading into a server
  • Click the shopping cart icon in the top left
  • Press the text field in the new window
  • Enter a code and press the Enter key on the keyboard

I found the end of the process a little confusing, as the text doesn't disappear after pressing Enter, and there's no confirmation that a code worked or was invalid. As the game is still new, we assume this is just a bug or a feature that's yet to be fully implemented. 

That's all you need to know about codes to get your rewards in One Piece New Dreams. 

Check out our Roblox and codes pages for more guides. Otherwise, we've covered all the codes for Haze Piece, Blade Ball, and Anime Champions Simulator.

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