Anime Champions Simulator codes to get free boosts in December 2023

Anime Champions Simulator codes to get free boosts in December 2023
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Jake Bannister

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4th Dec 2023 11:39


Anime Champions Simulator, developed by Bura ACS, is a Roblox experience that lets you team up with your favourite anime-inspired characters. We update this guide regularly to provide you with all the latest codes, that'll help you become one step closer to becoming a master fighter.

Whether it's diamonds, boosts, raid keys, or even Advanced Ascension cards, all of these items will come in handy - and who doesn't love a freebie? Read on below to find out the latest items and how to redeem them.

All the active Anime Champions Simulator codes

Here are all of the active codes that you can redeem right now:



500 Diamonds and some boosts (NEW)
2 Orb Enhancers, and some boosts
Limited Edition Burger skin
GiveMeLuck 2k Diamonds, 2 Luck Boosts
1K Diamonds, One Halloween Summon, An Arcane Turkey Costume and 1 Raid Chest Key 
EightLegs 1K Diamonds, 1 Halloween Summon and 1 of every boost
Scrappy 1K Diamonds, 1 Raid Chest Key, 1 Damage Boost, and 500 Scraps 
TurnDown4What 1 Halloween Summon, 1 Raid Chest Key and 1 of every boost 
WaitingGiantsTM 2 Advanced Ascension cards, 4 Ascension Cards, and 1 of every boost 
Tournaments 2k Diamonds, 1 Raid Key and 1 of every boost 
ACSFoodEvent 2k Diamonds, 1 Raid Key and 1 of every boost
WOW100Mil 2.5k Diamonds, 1 Raid Key, 1 of every boost, 6 Tier 2 cards and 3 advanced cards 
1K Diamonds, Advanced Ascension cards and some boosts 
shutdown705 Advanced Ascension cards and some boosts 
SevenUp Ascension and Advanced Ascension cards 
Gigantic 2k diamonds and some boosts 
100kFaves 2.5k diamonds, free raid key and some boosts
thanks50mil 5k diamonds, 50 talent tokens and 60 mins of XP, damage, luck and coins boosts 

I've tested all of the codes in the table above and can confirm that they're all working at the time of writing.

Having said that, plenty of freebies that have been released for this game have expired, so make sure you claim them soon as they might not be valid for long!

Recently expired codes

Here are some recently expired codes that may be worth a try in case they get reactivated.

  • ExtraDaily
  • ThisIsFine
  • SorryTourney

How to redeem the codes

The code redemption box in Anime Champions Simulator
Click to enlarge

Redeeming codes is simple if you know where to look, so here's a step-by-step guide for the process:

  • Launch Anime Champions Simulator
  • Click the 'Store' button shaped like a shopping cart from the menu on the left
  • Enter or copy the code from our list above and hit 'Redeem'
  • All of your items will appear in your backpack

The good thing about this game is that you don't need to reach a certain level or even complete the tutorial before you can claim these free items - the option is available as soon as you launch the game.

Where to find more codes

As with most Roblox games, the best way to keep up to date with the latest freebies is to follow the game's official Twitter page and its official Discord, as there are new codes released every now and then.

We'll also keep this page updated regularly with any new codes that get released, so bookmark this page and check back soon!

For more freebies, check out the latest Anime Fighting Simulator X codes and the latest Fruit Battlegrounds codes, or take a visit our codes homepage.

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