All Latent Powers and what they do in Octopath Traveler 2

All Latent Powers and what they do in Octopath Traveler 2
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Latent Powers are an important part of Octopath Traveler 2. You'll learn about them in Octopath Traveler 2's first chapters for each character, and they're a crucial part of battles. Here are all Latent Powers and what they do in Octopath Traveler 2.

Octopath Traveler 2: What do Latent Powers do?

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Latent Powers are special abilities you can use in battle. Each character's Latent Power is different.

You won't be able to use Latent Powers at first, but every character will gain access to them during their first chapter. The game will teach you how to use them during the boss of the first chapter in each story.

Latent Powers will build up a meter when you take damage or perform actions. When the meter is full, you can unleash your Latent Power and gain an edge in battle.

Octopath Traveler 2: All latent powers

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Here's what each character's Latent Power can do in Octopath Traveler 2.

Ochette's Latent Power is Animal Instincts. She can let her inner beast loose and access new skills such as Beastly Fangs, which deals high damage to a single target.

Castti's Latent Power is Every Drop Counts, and it allows her to concoct without using up materials in your inventory for a turn.

Temenos' Latent Power is Judgment. He can lower shield points with any attack regardless of whether it matches the enemies' weaknesses.

Osvald's Latent Power is Concentrate Spells which focuses one of his multi-target spells on a single target for higher damage.

Partitio's Latent Power is Hoot and Holler, and it instantly replenishes his BP.

Agnea's Latent Power is All Together Now which extends single-target attacks to all enemies.

Throne's Latent Power is Leave No Trace, and it allows her to act twice in a single turn.

Finally, Hikari's Latent Power is Shadow's Hold. This power unlocks new skills for Hikari to use in battle similar to Ochette's Animal Instincts.

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