Nikke Goddess of Victory tier list

Nikke Goddess of Victory tier list
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28th Mar 2023 17:40

In the game of Nikke Goddess of Victory, you can unlock more characters with the game's gacha system and utilise their unique skill sets. However, it can be hard to tell which characters are best to have unlocked first. Let's get into the Nikke Goddess of Victory tier list of top characters.

Goddess of Victory Nikke is a popular mobile game made by Level Infinite. Regarded as an "immersive sci-fi RPG shooter", the game is available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Nikke Goddess of Victory tier list 

Nikke Goddess of Victory tier list game
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Based on a goddess' qualities of strengths, popularity, historical and cultural importance, and skills, please find below the complete Nikke Goddess of Victory tier list from S-tier to D-tier (highest to lowest). 

Tier Goddesses
S-tier Nike (Greek), Victoria (Roman)
A-tier Athena Nike (Greek), Kratos (Greek)
B-tier Bellona (Roman), Eris (Greek)
C-tier Nikephoros (Byzantine)
D-tier Nike Air (modern)

Even though the game's gacha system randomises the characters you can get in rolls, this Nikke Goddess of Victory tier list is still a great way to tell if you have rolled well.

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With that, you are now equipped with all the knowledge you need on knowing the top characters in this Nikke Goddess of Victory tier list.

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