All active Pop It Trading codes to redeem free items

All active Pop It Trading codes to redeem free items
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15th Nov 2023 13:26

Pop It Trading is a popular Roblox experience where the goal is to swap items with other players as you attempt to land your dream item, and these codes might just help you get there faster.

Whether you're hunting for a colourful makeup pallet, a cute octopus toy, or even a garbage can (hey, we won't judge your unusual taste), these freebies will give you more things to trade to get the item you need.

November 15, 2023: We added two new codes and checked the rest were still working.

A list of active Pop It Trading codes

Here are all of the free items you can redeem in Pop It Trading right now:

Code Reward
steprightup! A random circus item
boingboing! A random item
funkimunkii A monkey item
fantasticplastic A random pink Barbie item
whonewit? A random item
kreekcraft A random item
b5nb5n A random item
stoked A random item
categg An egg with a surprise inside
doilookpretty A makeup item
pingu A random item
miaminights A random item
letsgetweird A random item
heartburn A random Valentine's Day item
ewww A random Valentine's Day item
holasoyd0ra A cake item
b4nb4n A random item
itsalive! A random item
metacarpus An egg with a surprise inside
kawa11 A random cute item
meoooow A cat item
m3rry A random festive item
thursday A random item
candy A random candy item
fifi A random football item
Throne A toilet item
crystal A crystal item
Lightemup A flamethrower item
fotito A retro camera item
Tony A tiger item
sus An Among Us item
r41nb0w A random rainbow item

Most of these codes provide random items, but you can only redeem them once so you might have to trade with someone else if you're not happy with what you've got.

There have been plenty of freebies released since the game launched in 2021, but they'll sometimes have an expiration date so make sure you claim them all soon.

How to redeem Pop It Trading codes

The codes box in Pop It Trading
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Follow the steps below if you want to get access to all the free loot in Pop It Trading:

  • Load into the game
  • Walk around until you find the button labelled 'Youtube Codes' on the floor
  • Step on the button and a pop-up window will appear
  • Enter the code you want and press 'Redeem' to activate it

If you've successfully redeemed an item it will drop in front of the button. Simply walk into it to pick it up and you can add it to your inventory.

Where do I get more Pop It Trading codes?

The best place to look for more Pop It Trading freebies is the game's official YouTube page, but we'll also keep this page updated with the latest codes so make sure you check back here soon.

That rounds off our full list of Pop It Trading codes, giving you all the information about how to redeem them. Enjoy your free in-game rewards!

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