All MX Vs ATV Legends cheat codes to unlock all gear, riders & tracks

All MX Vs ATV Legends cheat codes to unlock all gear, riders & tracks
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Cheat codes allow you to tailor your game experience to your own liking, and there are plenty of them in MX vs ATV Legends to use for free gear, riders, tracks, and more.

MX Vs ATV Legends is a popular off-road racing game where players compete to become the ultimate biking champion. The game lets you skip all the grinding common in other racers with cheat codes, so if you want to know how to use them, and what you can unlock, read on.

All MX Vs ATV Legends cheat codes

The full list of cheats and their effects can be found in the table below:

Cheat Codes Effect
WARDROBE Unlock all gear
WANNABE Unlock all Pro riders
TOOLAZY Unlock all in-game bonuses
PITPASS Unlock all tracks
NOTMOTO Unlock all Open tracks
MINIMOTO Unlock all 50cc bikes
LEADFOOT Unlock all Machine Challenge tracks
IAMTOOGOOD Unlock all Pro Physics
HUCKIT Unlock all Freestyle tracks
GOOUTSIDE Unlock all National tracks
GOINSIDE Unlock all Supercross tracks
COUCHES Unlock all ATVs
BROKEASAJOKE Gain 1 million store points
BRAPP Unlock all bikes
BIGBORE Unlock all 500cc bikes

How to use MX Vs ATV Legends cheat codes on PC

Cheat trainer used to redeem MX Vs ATV Legends cheat codes on PC
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The only way to access MX Vs ATV Legends cheat codes on PC is to use a cheat trainer like Cheathappens or Plitch.

This comes with its own risks as cheat trainers are not supported by the game developers. For this reason, use cheat trainers at your own risk and try to source reliable ones if you do decide to use them.

Once you have downloaded a cheat trainer, you must follow these steps to get cheats in your game:

  • Go into the cheat trainer menu whilst in-game
  • Click the 'Editor' or 'Trainer' tab on the left
  • Input a code and press the Enter key

Can you use MX Vs ATV Legends cheat codes on console?

Whilst MX Vs ATV Legends is available to play across PC, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and PS4, there are currently no ways to input cheats into console versions of the game.

Stay tuned for any updates to this and if THQ Nordic make any changes to cheat support on the console versions of the game - although that seems unlikely to happen.

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Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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