How to get Alternate Ammo Kills in MW3

How to get Alternate Ammo Kills in MW3
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1st Mar 2024 17:28


Not all kills are equal in Modern Warfare 3. As part of MW3's rotating weekly challenges, players are frequently asked to execute unique Operator Kills, like Penetration Kills, Close Call Kills, and even Alternate Ammo Kills. This primer focuses on Alternate Ammo Kills, including the definition of an Alternate Ammo Kill and the game's best Alternate Ammunition for the assignment!

What is Alternate Ammo?

When customising your weapon in the Gunsmith, you can oftentimes change a gun's Ammunition. Any selection aside from the default attachment is considered an Alternate Ammo.

The types of Alternate Ammo available in MW3 are as follows:

  • High Velocity
  • Hollowpoint
  • Frangible
  • Armour Piercing
  • Overpressured +P
  •  Incendiary
  • High Grain
  • Low Grain
  • Hardened
  • Round Nose
  • Mono
  • Tracer
  • Snake Shot
  • Bolo Shells
  • Slug
  • Dragon's Breath
  • Explosive

How to get Alternate Ammo Kills

Some of the Alternate Ammos in MW3
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To get Alternate Ammo Kills in MW3, all you must do is replace the default Ammunition of the weapon in your loadout and use it to eliminate enemy Operators.

Best Alternate Ammos

While there are a number of types of Ammunition in MW3, generally, the best Alternate Ammo is High Velocity. High-Velocity Ammunition is popular in MW3 and Warzone and is commonly found equipped in meta loadouts

That's the basics of Alternate Ammo Kills in MW3. You'll find yourself tasked with achieving Alternate Ammo Kills from time to time, and occasionally, doing it is a prerequisite to unlocking sought-after equipment like the JAK Glassless Optic or the JAK Limb Ripper. So, if you've been confused about what counts as an Alternate Ammo Kill, now you get it!

You know what an Alternate Ammo Kill is now, but what about Clean Kills or Collateral Kills? Check out our Call of Duty homepage at GGRecon for more MW3, Warzone, and Zombies news, guides, and features!

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