What are Operator Kills in MW3 & how do you get them?

What are Operator Kills in MW3 & how do you get them?
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11th Nov 2023 14:38

You may  With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, many players will be diving in to experience the latest release of the iconic shooter franchise and may be wondering how to get Operator Kills in the game.

While veteran players may already have an idea of what Operator Kills are, it's not completely clear to newer players when looking at the daily and weekly challenges.

So, let's go into detail on what operator kills are and how to get them in MW3.

What are Operator Kills in MW3?

The weekly challenge screen in MW3
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Operator kills refer to when another player is killed in any multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare 3. It essentially means the act of killing enemy Operators controlled by players in the game.

Getting Operator Kills is crucial to progress in Call of Duty: MW3, as has been the case with previous COD titles. Operator Kills are available as part of the daily and weekly challenges in the game. These are quite varied as some may task you with taking out a fixed number of operators in different methods. For example, a challenge may task you with killing a certain number of players with specific weapons or weapon classes when in ADS mode or when in third-person mode.

How to get Operator Kills in MW3

MW3 players firing ARs in a Multiplayer match
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To get Operator kills in MW3 is quite simple as you just need to kill enemy players in different multiplayer modes in Modern Warfare 3.

There are quite a lot of multiplayer modes in MW3, each having its strengths and weaknesses. Try out all of them and see whichever suits you. Generally, fast-paced ones like Team Deathmatch are good choices for getting quick Operator Kills.

You could also try ones like War Mode, Ground War, and Invasion, where the maps are bigger. These can help you in getting a large amount of Operator Kills, though they generally take a good amount of time. 

Overall, it won't take you a lot of time to rack up Operator Kills and get a lot of XP and rewards in MW3.

We also have guides on all the weapons in the game and the best ones to use currently, so be sure to check those out as well.

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