How to get Operator Clean Kills in MW3

How to get Operator Clean Kills in MW3
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13th Feb 2024 17:55


Operator Clean Kills are certain types of kills you can get in MW3 multiplayer matches. Getting these can help you progress through the game by unlocking certain gear and equipment. However, some players might not understand what these Operator Clean Kills even mean in the game or how useful they are, as MW3 doesn't give much of an explanation.

Below, I'll explain what Operator Clean Kills are in MW3 and how to get lots of them very quickly.

What are Operator Clean Kills?

Operator Clean Kills can be achieved by killing players in the MW3 multiplayer modes without taking any bodily damage. These do not include effects from Flash or Smoke Grenades. So, as long as your operator doesn't get damaged when taking out an enemy, then those will count as Operator Clean Kills.

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Getting Operator Clean Kills is essential to progress through certain daily and weekly challenges in the game. Completing these challenges will help you unlock certain gear and equipment that can make playing the game much easier. You'll also get better in the game as well.

Best ways to get Operator Clean Kills quickly

The best way to get Operator Clean Kills is to stay stealthy throughout a match. Doing this will help you catch enemies by surprise, and you can take them out. Larger map modes like Invasion and Ground War can help you immensely as players are scattered throughout. This will give you the opportunity to search for players, and the risk of getting skilled is generally lower than the standard 6v6 modes.

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In terms of weapons, the one-shots are always preferred in getting Operator Clean Kills, as the other types can give the enemy a chance to do damage to you. So, you'll have to pick out the best sniper rifles and marksman rifles to aid you in these. Equipping stealth gear like the Covert Sneakers and Ghost T/V Camo can help you massively here as well, as these will eliminate footstep sounds and block detection by enemy radar while moving, respectively. 

So, that is everything you need to know about getting Operator Clean Kills in MW3. We also have guides on getting Penetration Kills and Collateral Kills in MW3, so be sure to check these out as well.

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