MultiVersus: How To Train Perks

MultiVersus: How To Train Perks
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22nd Jul 2022 15:05

You should learn how to train perks in MultiVersus, as it opens up a whole new world of extra buffs for your characters that you can use to specialise aspects of your playstyle and make yourself more powerful. The fighters of MultiVersus already have a plethora of differences that can set them apart, such as the class system and fighting styles, but perks give you the chance to enact the differences yourself. So read on for our MultiVersus how to train perks guide, and learn how it can be vital for winning more games. 

MultiVersus: How To Train Perks

MultiVersus: How To Train Perks
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Perks are extra buffs that each character can equip, allowing you to select a signature perk which alters a specific move in their kit, and three general perks from categories of offence, defence, and utility which have more general benefits like extra damage, speed, etc. 

As you begin playing a character and progress through their mastery levels, you will unlock perks specific to them, but upon reaching level nine you gain the ability to train perks. This lets you purchase any of the general perks for 250 Gold and equip them to your character, letting you create builds to specialise characters for specific playstyles. It's an incredibly useful feature if you know some perks that would work really well for a character, are looking to experiment, or just want to select some of the best perks in MultiVersus


MultiVersus: How To Train Perks 2
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To access the train perks feature, select the Collection screen on the left of the main menu, and then click any character you've levelled up to mastery nine. Below their character portrait, and the perk slots, there will be an option that says "train perks." Select this and choose from the full list of all the game's perks. The options for altering characters are quite broad currently, and they will only grow as more characters are added to the game with their general perks. 

That's all for our MultiVersus how to train perks primer, and now you know the purpose of the feature, along with how to access it. 

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