Lucky Lockups codes [CODES] (September 2023)

Lucky Lockups codes [CODES] (September 2023)
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Morgan Truder


14th Sep 2023 06:30


If you have been enjoying the Roblox game Lucky Lockups, then chances are you will be on the lookout for some codes to improve your game. Lucky Lockups is still a very new game that is currently still in alpha. Luckily, there are still some codes for you to redeem.

This game is all about going around different storage lockups and bidding for the contents without knowing what is in there. It is high risk, but high reward. We are going to cover any codes that are active in Lucky Lockups, as well as how you can redeem them in the game.

September 14 2023: We checked for any new active or expired codes for Lucky Lockups. Check out the full list below.

Lucky Lockups codes (September 2023) 

A row of lockups in Luck Lockup
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Lucky Lockups is still in its infancy, so there aren’t too many codes for players to enjoy right now. However, there are just enough to give you that extra edge. Be sure to enter the codes exactly as they appear below. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee that they will work.

Here are all of the Lucky Lockups codes that you can redeem right now:

Code Reward
Lucky13 In-game currency
bennyharveyrip In-game currency
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Lucky Lockups expired codes (September 2023) 

An auction in Lucky Lockups
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Currently, the game has had no codes expire to try and redeem. We will keep this updated as more codes are released in the game.

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How to redeem Lucky Lockups codes

Redeem screen in Lucky Lockups
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Redeeming codes in Roblox games is never as simple as you would hope, with it varying from game to game. Here is everything you need to know about how to redeem codes in Lucky Lockups:

  • Once in the game, you will spawn in front of a wall with a menu on it
  • The menu on the right has a codes option, select it
  • Enter your code into the box that appears
  • Now press 'Submit & Close' and watch the money fly in

That is all you need to know about redeeming codes in Lucky Lockups, as well as what codes are currently active in the game. 

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