All Roblox Moo codes & how to redeem for Cloudberries

All Roblox Moo codes & how to redeem for Cloudberries
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Daniel Hollis

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20th Dec 2023 12:53

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to become an adorable cow, then Moo for Roblox is one of the best ways to do so - and with an assortment of codes to redeem for Cloudberries, we're here to help make that dairy dream a reality.

Cloudberries are a currency in the game that allows you to become the cow of your dreams as you frolic in fields of flowers with the rest of your bovine buddies.

All Roblox Moo codes

Using codes in Moo for Roblox will net you an assortment of Cloudberries (or CB as you'll see in-game). Using CB allows you to buy new cosmetics for your cow, so you can change their type.




100 CB


100 CB


500 CB

If you've ever wanted to see what it was like being a blueberry cow or an alien cow, then using the codes for some extra CB is your way of finding out.

How to redeem Moo codes

The code remdemption screen in Moo for Roblox
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Now that you've got the means to become the perfect cow (who am I kidding, all cows are perfect), it's time to start redeeming those codes for all the delicious Cloudberries you could ever want:

  • Launch Moo for Roblox
  • Click the CB icon in the top-right corner
  • Click Redeem code
  • Enter the code
  • Click Submit to redeem the rewards

That's it. With these codes, you'll be rolling in Cloudberries and make yourself one happy cow. If you're looking for even more Roblox games to redeem codes in, be sure to check out our Peroxide codes guide so you can embark on a Bleach-inspired adventure.

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