Does Lords of the Fallen have multiplayer & co-op?

Does Lords of the Fallen have multiplayer & co-op?
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Morgan Truder


16th Oct 2023 11:49

Lords of the Fallen is the latest entry into the Soulslike genre and many fans will be wondering if it includes any form of multiplayer or coop - so here's what you need to know.

Multiplayer is often found in the Soulslike genre, but it isn't always guaranteed, as the recently released Lies of P for example gave it a miss, whilst the original Lords of the Fallen was also completely single-player. 

The game is incredibly challenging, like many of the RPGs in this genre are, so bringing in a pal or even a stranger could go a long way to helping you beat some of the tougher bosses on offer. So, let’s dive into whether or not Lords of the Fallen has multiplayer and co-op, or if the latest entry in the series is single-player like its predecessor.

Does Lords of the Fallen have multiplayer?

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If you want to play through Lords of the Fallen with a buddy, you’re in luck, as it does feature multiplayer.

Not only is multiplayer part of the game, but you can invite a friend to play through the whole game with you - not just summoning them in for the bosses - something we haven't seen on many Soulslikes. What's more, you can also invade other players' worlds and take them on, hopefully proving to be stronger than your opponent.

That's not all, though either, as you're also going to be more at risk of being invaded by other gamers as you progress through Lords of the Fallen.

Does Lords of the Fallen have local co-op?

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Unlike multiplayer, no, Lords of the Fallen does not feature any local co-op, so if you do need some help, it's going to have to be online.

It's a shame you can’t play through the game rubbing shoulders with your mate and sharing in one another's frustrations, but playing through the whole thing together online will still offer some great possibilities.

That's all there is to know about co-op and multiplayer in Lords of the Fallen. If you're wondering if the game has cross-play then we have you covered. For more, check out our Lords of the Fallen homepage.

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