LEGO 2K Drive release date, gameplay details & more

LEGO 2K Drive release date, gameplay details & more
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8th May 2023 16:43

2K and LEGO are partnering up for multiple titles, and the first game to arrive from the pair is LEGO 2K Drive.

We've already gone hands-on with it and were certainly impressed, but if you're looking to learn more about the arcade racer you've come to the right place.

Here's everything you need to know about LEGO 2K Drive, including when you can play it.

What is LEGO 2K Drive?

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LEGO 2K Drive is an open-world take on the racing genre delivered by 2K Games, similar to games such as the Forza Horizon series. Throughout the world, players can expect to race, play minigames, complete challenges, gather collectables, and cause ultimate destruction across the land.

It’s based on several popular LEGO themes, including the Creator, City, and Speed Champions series. Players can traverse these lands alone or together online or offline with high-octane cars that promise to speed across each biome with fury. Not only that, but special abilities work to help push you forward in a race and emerge victorious.

Having said all this, it wouldn’t be a LEGO game without some building, would it? Thankfully, LEGO 2K Drive will see you customizing your vehicles with over 1,000 unique pieces. As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock more parts, along with stickers and other colours, meaning you’ll be able to create the car of your dreams.

As for licensed car parts, we asked the devs ourselves.

When does LEGO 2K Drive release?

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LEGO 2K Drive is expected to launch on May 19, 2023, and will launch on PC (via Steam and the Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Nintendo Switch.

Anyone who pre-orders the game before launch day is eligible to receive the Aquadirt Racer Pack. 

What is included in each edition of LEGO 2K Drive?

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Fans wishing to pick up LEGO 2K Drive can expect three different versions to choose from. Each comes bundled with its own goodies, so it’s all down to personal preference as to which one you’ll want to add to your collection.

Here is the rundown of what’s included in each version of LEGO 2K Drive:

Standard Edition

  • Comes with the base game of LEGO 2K Drive.

Awesome Edition

  • 1 new vehicle and vehicle flair
  • In-game LEGO Minifigure
  • Year 1 Drive Pass, which includes a new biome, plus four post-launch seasons of content, each including new vehicles and themes.

Awesome Rivals Edition

  • Multiple new vehicles and vehicle flairs
  • Multiple in-game LEGO Minifigures
  • Year 1 Drive Pass, which includes a new biome, plus four post-launch seasons of content, each including new vehicles and themes.

All versions of the game that are pre-ordered will also come with the Aquadirt Racer Pack.

2K has revealed that the seasonal Drive Pass purchase will offer 100 levels to complete, but you can complete them over as long a period as you'd like since there aren't time limits.

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